The March Carrot

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    Once again, the carrot of shorter topout times and better pay is being dangled in front of us, and this time, there is apparently some movement toward actually making it happen. Maybe the high turnover rate and general employee unhappiness has finally registered in Memphis. It's expensive to have a revolving door of couriers at Express, and it's only now that the 25 watt bulbs in MEM are starting to figure it out.

    Or has it (registered)? Now that the Democrats aren't playing nice with the GOP any more, they (the Donkeys) might actually hold their ground and keep the changes to RLA voting rules that Fred doesn't like. In that case, there is a very real chance that employees will begin to sign those evil union cards and demand a better deal from Scrooge.

    But even if there are changes, don't expect much. I highly doubt that topouts would be retroactive, and 10 years (instead of 20+) would probably be offered instead of 3 to 4 years. FedEx made a big deal about "conforming to industry standards" when it eliminated the traditional review, and transportation industry standards dictate the 3 to 4 year timeline. Do you see Fred matching this? Neither do I.

    I also wouldn't expect much in the way of raises, and FedEx is only about 25 years behind "standard" in that area. Fred just jacked-up your insurance premiums and now he's shopping for even more new aircraft. This is the same genius who rebuilt all of our DC10's into MD10's at tremendous cost. When he did it, he claimed that these aircraft would be relevant for the next 20 years. Now they are just fuel hogs, and will be put out to pasture in the desert about 15 years before the supposed end of their lifespan as freighters. Smooth move, Fred. Somehow, you'll figure out a way for hourlies to pay for your short-sighted stupidity.

    'March" gives Smith time to contemplate his next move and also keep wages down while he schemes with his cronies in DC to kill the liberalized RLA voting regulations. If he gets his way, we will get little to nothing, because Fred will know that he can shove it in even harder and even sprinkle a little sand on it so it hurts even more. That's the way "Montgomery" Smith operates.
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    Sure they'll top you out sooner.. but you'll only be working 17 hrs a week...
    and the remainder will be filled with other new PT workers after all the old
    timers get fed up and leave because they can't make a living wage.
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    Anyway you slice it, Fred's not gonna give much. He's too predictable in that respect.
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    I'm wondering if they are putting more of the insurance costs onto employees because they are about to top us out faster. Give us more money but make us shoulder more of the burden. The least they could do is tell us what exactly we can expect in March before we decide whether to commit to the high deductible. And with a much higher deductible many employees who go to the doctor for the slightest thing will probably resist the temptation. Probably a goal of the company to reduce what they pay out but doesn't help those of us who must see a doctor regular. If they only raise our pay by a thousand a year or so with the much higher deductible can only conclude they are trying to drive away older employees who cost them more in insurance charges.
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    Our union local added co-pays and deductibles to our insurance plan a few years ago and their costs have gone down significantly. In the past members would go to the ER for the most minor sniffle but now think twice before going as there is a $100 co-pay for ER visits and $10 for doctor office visits. I don't have the annual deductibles on hand but I think they are $1,000 for the member and $2,500 for the family.
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    Someone at my station had a copy of the new health insurance rates, and if its true some ppl aren't going to be happy with the increase. He told me to make a copy, but i was in such a hurry to clock-out I forgot. I'll get a copy from him on monday. Not sure where he got the information from, but he was being very secretive about it. Maybe he's a double agent ?