the straw that broke the camel's back (venting thread)


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So Sunday Sorts started at my hub, and I worked it, deciding I need the extra money. The sort manager placed me in load, although I am an unloader. I can count the number of times I've worked load on one hand. I'm guessing he did this because he knows I'm a hard worker and am good at what I do (unload). Well, I get put in one load, then a couple of minutes later, I'm given the load next door, and a couple of more minutes, a third load. A little into the sort, my first two loads start getting slammed. This pattern continues throughout the sort, and with no sign of a break near, I start experiencing shortness of breath and brief cases of dizziness. I was already developing a cold, but it came to the point where I had to stop. I asked to be sent home, and I was. It's my belief that I experienced a panic attack brought on by the stress of trying to manage 3 loads at once with next to no experience and trying to not let the sort manager down. I know a lot of you will tell me it doesn't matter, and I shouldn't worry so hard about trying to save face, but I can't help it.

What a day.



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OK, take a deep breath and settle down. You don't have to let them do it to you and you know it. Work safely and as quickly as you can but do not let yourself get sick or hurt.

If they hollar at you to catch up or work faster tell them nicely that you're doing the best you can. Don't speed up and don't get mad. Let them know if you feel you're being harassed and grieve if they keep it up.

So what if it's backed up? So what if it falls all over the floor and gets damaged? You are one person doing the best you can and it's their problem to get you some help or slow the flow.

You let them get to you, my friend. Please don't let it happen again. dw


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It took me a good 6 months of getting buried by boxes before my stomach and mind just said *&#@ it! I get buried, I get buried. My first day loading I did 3 trucks on my ownm, for 4 hours. 5 years later I left preload loading 6 trucks. Now Im trying to calm myself when I look in my truck and see 150 stops in my truck.


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I'm starting to think what everyone else says is right. I am nothing more than a whipping boy. In unload, people are constantly asking me why I don't slow down. I tell them I don't know. But I don't mind busting my ass in unload. I'm good at it and I can set my own pace. But to throw me in load after less than a week's experience, with no formal training, and asking me to do 2 heavy loads, plus one. I can't help but think the $9.00 an hour isn't worth it. I used to make $10 an hour just sitting on my ass, typing all day. To top it all off, I have yet to hear a single thing about my promotion.


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At some point you will figure out that the company will take advantage of your strong work ethic and good nature.
Right now it appears they are "playing" you and while you do the work of 2-3 people, they sit back and laugh.
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