The Unknown Address Or Strip Club?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by SuperHandler, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. SuperHandler

    SuperHandler Member

    My manager says: You'll find out. Classic FedEx suspense.

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  2. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    I wish I del'd to strip clubs.
  3. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    I have a lifetime pass to the local "Gentlmen's Club.":)
  4. dezguy

    dezguy Well-Known Member

    As a kid, I had a paper route that included delivering to a strip club. I'd have to go in to collect money and even though they were supposed to have it at the door, I'd always have to go to the bar to collect. I didn't mind that stop. lol

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    I THOUGHT I had one at home, but it seems to have expired with the little woman.
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  6. whenIgetthere

    whenIgetthere Well-Known Member

    Had a C.O.D. at one of the local strip clubs once. They pulled out a box and started counting ones and fives for the payment. I told them check or MO order. No way was I touching any of those bills!
  7. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    Come on, a little stank ain't never hurt nobody. Lol.
  8. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    Prolly boost your immunity system too.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    If cash were indeed an option you could have been disciplined for failure to follow proper COD delivery methods.
  10. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    Oh please..........go back to playing in the snow.

  11. whenIgetthere

    whenIgetthere Well-Known Member

    Well, it wasn't an option, so mute point!
  12. SuperHandler

    SuperHandler Member

    Someone always has to ruin the fun.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    A mute point is one that would have never been said.

    A moot point is one that would have never mattered.

    My point was that we as couriers/drivers do not have the option of not accepting an approved form of payment simply because we don't want to deal with it.
  14. dezguy

    dezguy Well-Known Member

    Would you accept money that was covered with blood? The driver in question did not feel comfortable accepting the money given to him/her because of the location payment was being accepted. Just because you're told you have to accept money as a payment, doesn't mean, if you feel your health and well being is being put in jeopardy, you absolutely should do it. That's like being told you have to make a delivery and there is an aggressive dog barking at you on the other side of the fence.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    "Stripper money" cashes the same as any other money.

    We have a lot of county fairs in our area and back when we accepted cash it was not uncommon for carnies to pay for their COD's with singles and the driver having to use several turn-in envelopes to handle them all. Using your logic, the driver should have the option of refusing to accept the cash as it is a pain in the butt to deal with that many one dollar bills.

    If you are offered an accepted form of payment you could be disciplined for your refusal to accept it.
  16. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Let me tell you, Dave, "stripper money" has probably been places you've forgotten about.

    The local club I mentioned earlier is an all-nude, BYOB establishment. I've seen where those dollars end up. I wouldn't take it without wearing heavy-duty nitrile gloves.
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  17. vantexan

    vantexan Well-Known Member

    Many years ago whenever the lady courier on the next route got an oncall for a sex toy warehouse she'd have the pup sent to me. Pretty surreal walking through about 70 yards of vividly packaged paraphernalia. Even worse was getting rehired in my hometown, and having a gay bar open on a very busy road on my rt. One day was in a plain rental, had to go in there for oncall.
  18. It will be fine

    It will be fine Well-Known Member

    "Had to" riiiight. Had to go in for the pickup, spending a half hour lunch there on the other hand...
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  19. whenIgetthere

    whenIgetthere Well-Known Member

    Cash is acceptable up to 500 bucks. This COD was for $1300+ if I recall.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I did not realize that you guys had a limit on the amount of cash that you could accept. When we accepted cash there was no limit. It was uncommon for drivers to have upwards of $10K in their front left pockets. We were told to stop and get a cashiers check if we had $5K or more in COD money.