The Western Conference and Local 177 H&W DISASTER!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Hoffa SUX, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Hey bro, we can all agree, this sucks.. but voting NO will accomplish nothing at this point. Yes, we vote no and then it goes to national and they ratify it for us.

    What do you propose we gain from that?

    The Teamsters are NOT going to change a thing. They have said so.

    This fight is over. We got better for at least 3 years, then who knows... Yes, we will probably pay more after year three and the teamsters will probably change the plan and reduce benefits after the third year, its allowed in the "carve out".

    But, the point remains, so what? They aint listening to us bro.

    Sorry, but this fight is over. A YES vote is where we are at.

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    The Western Conference and Local 177 H&W DISASTER!

    You do know you raises and pension contributions are negotiated every contract.... Who ever told you they stay the same? Go back a couple contracts or at least read this thread from page 1 to get caught up. I like how you left out that we will get over 20,000 a year into pension which is over 100,000 for the life of the contract. Just tell me this..... What are you promising all the people you tell to vote no? What fairy tale is gonna happen? Your getting platinum healthcare, make over 100,000 a year and 20,000 a year into your pension. How much more do you expect and at what point will we price ourselves out of the market?
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    My point is that upstate said that $50 is not sustainable. Hell, I don't think the $300 is sustainable when you boil it all down. That's all, simple as that. I have a friend who pays 1200 a month for private insurance for his family, and that is just medical, no dental or vision. Yes, I think we are getting a deal. But sustainable? NO. Maybe if some of the people on this board would not let their emotions get in the way of their posts, they would actually read what is written.
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    2nd and 3rd year pension contributions are "to be determined" same as in the 4th & 5th year, never less than the $9.85 (in 104 for example) but Andy has said not to expect an increase in year 2.

    It's inaccurate to say that the Union could divert wage increases to pay for healthcare. Andy said if necessary we could vote to divert some or all of the GWI to pension contributions, but that there is no expectation that it will be.

    Voted YES today.
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    If I was making $100,000 grand a year, I wouldn't have complained at all about this contract. I certainly wouldn't complain about the next one, or the three that followed. I wouldn't complain about the possibility of having to pay more out of pocket for my benefits, or pay for them outright. Hell, I wouldn't even complain about how hard the job was, or even how big of an idiot my supervisor was. I'd even get to quit my second job.

    But I don't make $100,000 a year. I make FAR less than that. And there are plenty of people that are in the same boat as me. Actually, the majority of us aren't making $100,000 a year. And the way things are headed, everything you're boasting about will be but a distant memory, just like employee recognition, performance bonuses and Thanksgiving turkeys. But we'll still have our jobs. Right...?

    How people can continue to yammer on about pricing ourselves out of jobs, when the company F'ing THRIVED through the recession, is beyond words. But yeah, let's cut off a few more toes. We don't see an infection, but you know, something could flare up down the road.

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    I voted no again. There's no protection language for the carveout. There's the "may" language in regards pension redistribution which has no explanation. And there's the diversion of pension increases into H&W. I would be ok with this if we were in a down year. UPS has already passed expectations this year and will have again record profit. Why are we to assume less again?
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    anyone heard any updates?
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    Someone mentioned something to me about contributing and extra .30 cents per pay check to my pension? Cold this actually be done, Is it possible to make contributions to your pension?
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    Many locals divert portions of their raises to help their pension. I don't know of any western local that is doing that. Our pension is pretty solid.

    Are you asking if you personally can contribute more to your own pension like it's a 401k?
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    A few years ago we in the 177 voted to add money from our raise (.30) into the pension fund.
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    Here you guys go again confusing people. Everyone should learn the difference between YOUR healthcare and pensions! 177 may share healthcare with the Western Region but their FULLTIME pension has nothing to do with the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Fund. The WCTP is great while the UPS/177 Pension needs funds from the GWI. Please talk to your local Business Agent to find out more, there is a lot of bad info posted here.
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    If the 177 needs funds, why do they keep boosting the payout?
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    I am not in your Local so honestly I don't know, but I would ask your Business Agent and put it in the correct thread if I were you. This is a healthcare thread.
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    The 177 pension is not mixed with any other local. We merged with the Western to give extra coverage than Teamcare provided.
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    Local 177 pension is projected to be above 80% by 2021. One year ahead of schedule. That’s why we are getting raise increases.
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    Is 80% just ok?
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    No... but it’s better then 80% of all of the pensions nation wide that are going to run out of money!
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    Any fund that's under 80% currently shouldn't be making benefit improvements.
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    Nearly 6 years later we are still fat and happy out here in the WCT, both with our pensions and healthcare plan (thank you 177)!