This is how the Ups driver see`s of his future with the Hoffa administration !

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by wildgoose, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. wildgoose

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    I wanted to share a picture of what the Central States Ups person perceives of the Hoffa administration and the pension debacle orchrastrated by Central States. Notice the older ups driver being greeted by the vultures. Though its a cartoon its not far from the truth ! I did not draw this because stick figures wouldn`t get the point across !!!!
    Hey Hoffa #2.JPG
  2. Bill

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    Great picture. A nice added touch would have been if the boxes marked pension and health and welfare benefits, should have been crushed, as our benefits are being rapidly being destroyed.
  3. Bill

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    To see the picture, you must click on it. The picture says a thousand words.
  4. Fredless

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    <-----You guys have been a great motivator to stay in college. Every part timer I see that is about to accept a full time bid acknowledgement, I give them the speach that I got on this website May 2006 when I tried it.

    I don't think UPS is the only blue collar job thats going this way. In the modern world, the good blue collar jobs are rapidly disapeering. The jobs of the baby boom generation are going to be long gone and without an education to keep yourself marketable, you are doomed to this type of life.

    To all of the young part timers, who have only put a few years in - APWA or any union, to make the kind of money we want - we're going to have to work our asses off for it. I certainly do not want to do this crap until I'm 62. I'm out as soon as I finish my degree and get a stable job using it. Learn from the mistakes of this generation.
  5. wildgoose

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    Smart move Fredless ! The hard work in packages to the crap by the teamsters it just goes to show you must invest in yourself instead of assuming things will be okay. You know what assume means any how !
  6. 705red

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    Goose you just couldnt pass up an oppurtunity to take a dig at the teamsters now could you? Grow up and realize this whole life thing doesnt revolve around your opinion!
  7. wildgoose

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    Hey fair game on both sides eh red ?:w00t:
  8. Bill

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    A picture is worth a thousand words. This picture says it all. When the Teamsters were passing out their childish pictures of the APWA, no one said a word. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and you don't like it. What's good for the goose (in this case, WILDGOOSE) is good for the gander.
  9. 705red

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    I Have no problem bashing or being bashed when its in response to nonsense, but when a poster posts something from his/her heart it should be responded to in the same manner, and not an all out attack like the crusade that you believe in!

    I have sat back on the apwa issue since the vote totals came in, and watched and outside of several posters from the teamster side we have left it alone and not beaten it to death like you would have done if you had won kc. Why? Because believe it or not we are all in this together and yes maybe a little side of me wanted to see something like this take place(apwa victory) which i dont support at all. Maybe if the organization actually was started by a couple of fed up ups agents or stewards who are still active ups teamster members alot more of us would sign up and support the cause.

    Theres a time to bash and theres a time to respond to posts as upsers not teamster or apwa supporters!
  10. sawdusttv

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    I agree Red!