Thoughts on Express to Freight Move

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by whatsPSP, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. whatsPSP

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    I've been thinking about making the move from Express to Freight once I got my CDL Permit. Im currently just a PT RTD

    Well been driving now for over a year and got lucky wit the upcoming pay increase I got bumped up into the next pay level which is about an extra $1.40 or so that ill be seeing on check. Been wit Express for over 10 years now and will be 11 later this year

    Like i said been thinking about moving to Freight for FT and more $$$ once i got the permit. Just wondering if anyone here has done the same? I know I'll lose something like vacation but not worried bout that since i never went anywhere and always sold it back.

    atm just Class A w/ Haz so I assume i'll have to get double, triple and tank endorsements also.
  2. Route 66

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    Why would u need a tank endorsement?
  3. Indecisi0n

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    I have none
  4. SmithBarney

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    If you have a CDL, just leave FDX, walmart hires starting around 80k, they keep poaching our new hires after they complete their term with FDX, we can't keep CTV/RTV drivers
  5. bacha29

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    You nailed it man. As soon as this guy meets the minimum requirements to hook on the somebody better , he should be out of there so fast the door is left flapping in the breeze.
  6. Artee

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    We had a guy leave years ago for Freight and kept his seniority, vacation, etc..... The trick is to quit Express the same day you start Freight. There cannot be a lapse of any time between the two jobs or you lose everything. Not sure if anything carries over anymore. Those days might be done.

    If you are PT RTD already how would you be waiting on getting your CDL permit? You wouldn't be a PT RTD driver without a license.

    Freight is not a whole lot better. Might top out faster, but its the same old BS. They went through a ton of layoffs a few years back and if the guy that left our place was not able to take his seniority with him of 20+ years he would have been gone in short order. You get your 36 hour reset and that is it. The phone is ringing again for your next start time. Starting at midnight and driving for 11 hours. Spending the night in a motel and then when your 10 hours is up running to the next terminal. You are not going to start out working days driving around with a PUP trailer making deliveries. You are going to be doing the linehaul runs in a day cab. Its not like Express where you sleep half your shift. They actually make you work there. Especially since you are getting paid per mile.

    He was making over $80k, but the job got old. Went to another major freight company. Put a few years in there. Now he bought a pickup and trailer and is hauling cars from the rail-yards to dealers as a hot-shotter and really enjoys it.
  7. hondo

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    Because even small shipments of bulk materials (think of a pallet sized container of liquid, maybe 250 gallons) may require tankhaul endorsement.