Throwing Grandpa Under the Bus

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  1. Would you do it? Would you really throw Grandpa under the bus? That is what a yes vote for the proposed contract/pension buyout is doing. Are you going to help UPS and the IBT throw somebody’s Grandpa under the bus?

    Most of the UPS retiree’s are in fact someone’s Grandpa. They came to work at UPS as vigorous young people and gave 30 years or more to the Brown Machine. Most of them came to work when there was NO national UPS coverage of the US. With the sweat of their brow and sacrifice of large measures of their lives away from their loved one’s they help create the global entity that UPS is today. They retired expecting to live the rest of their lives in relative security as a reward for their dedicated service.

    Now it’s inconvenient for UPS to remember them any longer. They have become a liability. UPS is going to throw some chips on the table and walk away from its’ people. UPS is going to leave the balance of Grandpa’s life to a group, Central States and the Teamsters, which has twice now had to be bailed out with a huge infusion of cash. And all they need for you to do to close the deal is vote yes on the contract.

    Well, that’s not my problem you might say. Really? Here’s a thought for you to consider; if UPS, Teamsters and Central States will throw Grandpa under the bus what do you think they’ll do to you? And before you shrug your shoulders and walk away from an uncomfortable topic consider this. If you retire with a 30 and out pension you’re going to get to enjoy stability perhaps only till you’re 65. At that point UPS GIVES YOU UP Grandpa to the dynamic money sucking duo of Central States and the Teamsters Union. And you’ll be right where the current crop of Grandpa’s are. SCREWED T O THE MAX!

    But I will not qualify for a 30 and out pension since I’m so young you say? Well there’s something for everyone in the contract/buyout/screw everyone deal. You my friend are privileged to work till your NORMAL RETIREMENT AGE OF 65. What’s so normal about that? Most of you in this situation will never make it to NORMAL RETIREMENT AGE! Your knees will give out; your shoulders will quit, your back will cave in; and you’ll experience the joy of percentage penalties for not making it till NORMAL RETIREMENT AGE.

    There is truly something for every age group and special interest group in this contract/buyout. The current retiree’s are immediately abandoned. The 30 and out group will be shortly abandoned. The younger workers are being manipulated for their youthful denial that old age is coming to them. Oh, and there are three other groups we haven’t mentioned yet.

    UPS avoids its’ civil liability to their retiree’s. Central States gets and infusion of cash which will allow it avoid going into true default for a limited time. Teamsters get to brag that they’ve saved the day and Hoffa JUNIOR gets to keep his job and retirement package. What a deal. You take it in the shorts and the big shots take it to the golf course to brag about what geniuses they are.

    But this allows me to retire when I’m 50 with a 30 and out package you say? Are you sure? What will you do for insurance till you turn 55? Did you fail to notice that you cannot have insurance till you’re 55. I guess that means that there is a 30 and out pension IF you’re 55. Would you really risk everything you’ve worked for in a gamble that you or your spouse won’t have any major medical problems till you’re 55 by retiring early?

    Have you noticed that people who will never have to live under this pension are going to vote on the rest of YOUR life? Why should anyone who is from outside the Central States Plan be allowed to decide that this is a good move for you and your family?

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    I thought the APWA died off, damn still gotta listen to their rantings.
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    We the people sure didn't vote on that retirement age. ;)
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    I can make it to 65 no problem. All I need is 2 helpers, a wheelchair lift off back of package car, a pair of depends every three hours, air conditioning, barry bonds and mark mcquire's steroid regiment, popeye's spinach and dave chappels red balls. thats all i need and this lamp. and thats all I need.
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    guess you dont need your dog? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    sorry cant find the clip on you tube.
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    Don't forget the paddle game!!!!!!
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    who is grandpa? ups retirees or retirees from now defunct frieght companies? If its our people why do you think we are screwing grandpas over. If its not why do you think we are liable for the retirees of other companies?
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    obviously i didnt look too hard.....:wink:
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