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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by rudy5150, Jul 30, 2019.

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    I been involved since the start b
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    I have been lurking Why does Tuesday come so fast?

    Please nail the Madigans, please nail the Madigans, please nail the Madigans, please nail the Madigans, please nail the Madigans
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    business as usual
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    Some are just too tempted by that dreadful sin .
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    The criminals will fall like dominos. The majority of the Hoffa/Hall/Taylor Teamster Union leadership is filled with colluding thugs and rats. Look at all the red vested slapdicks from the last Teamster National convention who overwhelming endorsed Hoffa. And Hoffa still lost the election in the US. These are the same red vested criminals that denied UPS members the right to a simple majority Yes or No vote on the UPS contract. Colluding, unethical, dishonest, not forthright, retaliating pieces of garbage.

    If the O'Brien Zuckerman Teamster team is as dirty. Dump them as well.
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    I think you paint with too broad of a brush with this reply.

    If you truly believe this then don’t you think you have an obligation to pursue legitimate formal charges?
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    @browned out

    Is all talk.

    Look at the voting participation from his Local....
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    That’s what I suspected.

    Thanks for confirming.
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    The members in our local were the last bastion to hold up this horrendous, concessionary and collusionary CBA. Hoffa, Taylor seek to impose rejected UPS supplements

    Our Local Union "leaders" aka Red Vest Slapdicks had nothing to do with 243's 1st rejection. They did jump on board and recommend a No vote the second time around after outrage from the members who will actually have the power to vote the current 243 "leadership" in or out. Teamster locals' 'no' votes throw wrench into UPS' contract implementation - FreightWaves The Hoffa loyalist 243 leaders are not shielded by a 50% turnout threshold or 2/3 majority vote in order to be voted out; they figured they had better put on a front late in the CBA process. Otherwise; come next local election, 243 leaders would have sealed their fate and would have had to find new jobs and actually work for a living. Regardless; 243 leaders will most likely be voted out due to their failure to represent the members during contract negotiations.

    The Delegates at the last Teamster National Convention (Majority Red Vested) refused to change the 2/3 rule to a simple majority. They understood that a 50% threshold of UPS voters was not attainable; yet they refused to allow the dues paying career members votes to matter. There could have; and should have been a change in the Teamster Constitution to allow long time UPSers (or those who want to become long time UPSers) votes to count for something.

    The Red Vested Hoffa UPS colluders knew this CBA would be voted down...therefore a change in the 2/3 rule had to be kiboshed.

    Maybe some Non Red Vested pieces of garbage did not push for the simple majority. One way or the other; (NOT ALL but the majority) of our elected representatives whose salaries are paid by our dues did nothing to change the 2/3 rule.

    I expect this nonsense from BUG, but from Integrity? not so much. You've changed brother. Did you get a brown blood transfusion, a new Red Vest...or are you no longer comprehending simple logic and concrete facts?

    It is unacceptable the largest CBA in North America is not rejected/approved by a simple majority vote of the members who care enough to vote.
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    I supported the contract.

    I agree with the 2/3 vote in this instance when voting turnout is poor.

    2/3 vote is not unheard of in the democratic process.

    IMO Supporting this contract is not grounds to accuse corruption.

    If however you truly believe corruption exists then what are you going to do about it?
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    It is? Try explaining this total scam to someone not involved in the union. Read the news articles after the contract got pushed through..and the tone of bewilderment from the press. Where in the world does this farce fly? Is there some ballot initiative im unaware of where the initiative is pushed through if not enough people vote?
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    What is a Supermajority Vote in US Congress?


    People need to vote for the democratic process to work correctly.
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    ..you re going with that? Based on the super majority our contract would have never passed. They dont bring up legislation...then..if not enough people vote against it..it passes...if a supermajority doesnt vote.....it fails.
    Nonsense. Obvious scam designed to thwart the will of the members.

    The history professors at the IBT tried to liken it to the electoral college. I mean...it hurts my brain the straws that are grasped trying to justify the indefensible.
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    If 2/3 of total eligible voters dont vote in the presidential election...Trump stays president.If not enough people in your precinct vote...you shouldnt complain..or something.
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    2/3 vote in certain circumstances is used in democracy.

    You can either accept it or try to change it.

    You may want to get involved to try to change things if that is the will of the members.

    If you truly believe there is corruption I hope you are doing something about it.
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    Teamster pension was under funded by nearly 10 billion 3 years ago. With a growing economy the union has done nothing!
    This is apart of the liberal's plan to socialize America. They have to destroy your opportunities to provide for yourself, and leave the government as the only opinion left!
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    Not sure I follow this, sorry.