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    Now I'll be the first to admit I don't keep track of my time minute for minute. I find it stupid that I can't trust the company to pay me for the time I worked. Ever since we got our new center manager I've heard many drivers complain about time being cut from their check. Just this week I heard the most complaints though. Many drivers saying their start times were changed one driver said he had been cut 93 minutes of OT short. We all suspect the center manager is doing this. My question is how do we stop this? What are the steps we should take?
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    First, keep track of your time. No excuse not to. Second, file grievances. This kind of thing can get a manager fired. If it is proven, it is theft, plain and simple.
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    Dracula answers it best. Contact your business agent, so they know what is going on and get as many people as possible to write down their punch in, punch out and break times. It is helpful if you can pair drivers up to witness each other's hand written timecards. The whole idea is that you want to make the case as airtight as possible. If there are that many drivers getting shorted, someone is going to lose their job.
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    Yeah it won't be long before heads roll I'm sure. For anyone out there with an I phone "hours tracker" is a great app for keeping track of it all.
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    1. Call your BA first thin Monday morning and let Him know what is going on.

    2. Keep track of your time for know on.

    3. Next time your short and can prove it File a grievance. ( If you can prove the time is the past File a grievance Monday morning ).

    This center manager will apparently do anything to make himself look good on paper.... Until someone stand up to this dirt bag he will continue to screw you and anyone else he thinks he can..
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    I had the same problem a couple of years ago, new center manager, I ask him why my hours were short, He said i don't know what your talking about. I said okay here is the grievence, and if happens next week I will call corporate they would love to hear this stuff. Thank god I never had a problem with my check yet.
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    Correction; someone is going to get promoted.
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    I have a spreadsheet printed out that I keep track of start time, AM time, lunch, finish time. I fill it in every day, then compare it to the OPS report every morning. Comes in very handy for the over 9.5 grievances.
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    Have the OMS print out your timecard at the end of your shift, every night. Then, convert your time as its in hundredths on your timecard(I think, could be the other way around), separating your regular time and OT. Add them up at the end of the week.
    Have your steward keep track of the discrepancies, if there are any. Should there be an issue with this occurring on a regular basis, file all grievances together with an Art. 37 grievance, as well. Have your BA demand a meeting with your DM.


    (I love the albany stewards!)
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    Could you post a blank for someone to print out, if they want it?
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    Day Start Time Left Bldg Lunch Start Lunch End Break Start Break End Punch Out Time

    10/1 0915 0918 1200 1245 1000 1010 1830
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    menotyou Not to get of track, buy only a new yorker could think of that.......................lol
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    Help a brother out, ya know! :winks:

    Considering the double pay grievance I have won for time card 'discrepancies', I don't think they will ever steal time from me, again. I will keep track though, just as I do now on comp. I get every penny I am owed.
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    I would suggest having visual evidence to back up claims, such as pictures of all punch-in punch-out times. Then there is no question what happened.
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    I kept a pocket planner for years. Every day I wrote down my start time, finish time, number of stops, number of DR stops,
    number of pieces delivered, number of pieces picked up, number of cod's, and my over (mostly over) and under.
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    It's funny because the camara never favors us, We have a guy his car was scratched he asked lp to look at video.
    lp came back 2 days later saying video didn't catch anything sorry, But if you were stealing something they would catch that on video
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    This is never cared about. I should keep track when I go back, but it isn't something that will ever concern me.
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    They have the video to prove my innocence and didn't bring it forward for 2 weeks. They regretted that. It tainted them. No one believes their word now. I have thrown that little tidbit in their collective faces many times. Division Labor Managers don't like it when you have that kind of ammo. :winks:
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    great to hear they had the video, but why did they wait 2 weeks, studip on there part.