To Increase Productivity, UPS Monitors Drivers' Every Move

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    The American workforce might want to pay attention to the brown trucks full of cardboard boxes. UPS is using technology in ways that may soon be common throughout the economy.

    The brown truck in rural Pennsylvania looks pretty much the same as it did when Bill Earle started driving for UPS more than 20 years ago.

    But Earle says underneath the surface his job has changed a lot. The thing you sign your name on when the UPS guy gives you a package, used to be a piece of paper. Now it's a computer that tells Earle everything he needs to know
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    What's funny is their are a ton of studies out there that back up if you try to make an employee be 100% work focused the entire time they are at work. Mental breakdowns start happening way more often.
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    I'll bet Earle's computer can't tell him where his missing stop is? Don't worry Earle, some other driver will scan it around 7 tonight.
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    All that technology….and still they can’t get their peoples PAY correct….sad…and so dishonest
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    Or they will roll it over until tomorrow and you will find it then.