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    Came in today to the Total Rewards survey being completed by Corporate. I was kind of surprised that they named the program after the same thing that Speedway/SuperAmerica uses for their frequent buyer program.

    I know there was a ton of speculation regarding what was going to happen to the Pension, everyone was thinking we would get some magic number that would put half a million in your 401(k) but I just don't see it happening. Because the law only requires that the company protect your current earnings I consider it hard to believe they will fund your 401(K) and miss out on all the interest earned (same reason RSU's are so popular with the company).

    Any thoughts on the Total Reward info (or lack there of) we recieved?

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    Re: Total Rewards

    Just like everything else with the company recently, check for that information. It's been posted for several days.
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    nforcr, that's one hell of a handle. are you by chance LP?
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    Word going around is the decisions have already been made. The survey is just so they can spin it - "Based on an overwhelming majority, UPSers said ..."

    Lets face it, the company is looking to cut costs and non-union benefits are easy pickings.
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    I think your right. This is just their way of making you think you really will have some say in the changes that are coming. If you read the wording closely to the FAQ, the MIP is definitely going to change. The Health care is also sounding like it's going to cost us more and more and we will get less and less. I tend to believe with you that decisions have already been made. They talk about an additional 4% into the 401K. This number isn't arbitrary, they already know what direction they are going with this.

    If nothing else it will be interesting although the recent trend has not been favorable to the lower level management group!:w00t:
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    BD first, TSG next, now they are dipping into the union to cut back. What's next SQ?
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    Im a new member--can someone please tell me how to start a thread? Thx
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    Never mind fellows--I figured it out. Just a bit slow I guess.
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    No, it is a screen name I have on other boards as doom and gloom:)
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    I believe you are right and like nhguy said the FAQ between the lines told the story.

    It's going to be interesting how much blood they can squeeze out of a turnip and still be satisfied.
  11. Blood from a turnip? My district mgr used that term recently. Never heard it before.
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    this is direct from the website of the company running the survey:
    TrueChoice® HR offers employers the opportunity to align compensation and rewards programs with the needs and wants of the workforce, while incorporating the company's cost and strategic considerations. TrueChoice® HR gives your HR department a cutting edge to keep the employee "customer" satisfied.


    After seeing this there's little doubt that somebody's got UPS's welfare on the front burner and the Mgmt employees on the back one. Be prepared to be "reconfigured" yet again.