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  1. I drive a 20 year old p1000 in new england. Last year was my first year of driving and I got stuck 3 times. 2 times I got out by myself thanks to my xmas helper tossing broken chains under my wheels as I spun out.
    Im thinking about buying traction mats and keeping them with me during the winter. Im just curious if anyone else in this forum has ever used them on their trucks. And do they work on our trucks.
    Is it also true that it is "impossible to get stuck" the mechanic in our center said that 1st or reverse on these trucks can literally roll out themselves without hitting the gas at all?
    As you can see I still have a few things to learn about driving standard.
    Any comments would be appreciated.
  2. 30andout

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    You can most certainly get stuck. My center has purchased small shovels for all cars and all have cheater chains and plastic mats to put under spinning tires. All can help but if your in too deep you need a tow truck. I have found the best thing is stay out of potential stuck areas and walk more if you need to it takes a lot less time than trying to get unstuck.
  3. Raw

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    Traction mats !!!! LOL !!! I haven`t seen snow in over 25 years ! Florida is the place to work if your a UPS driver. We now are entering 6 months of highs of 75` and lows of 55` on average! :lol: :thumbup1:
  4. DorkHead

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    It is extremely easy to get stuck in any UPS vehicle. Don`t take any chances. I personally have the phone #`s of 2 highway depts and 2 locals that have told me to call if I get stuck. Been in the same area for almost 20 yrs. If you have any doubt, remember, a short walk is better than a long stuck!
  5. rod

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    it's alwasy nice to have a rider along when you get stuck. just throw him under the tires for traction.
  6. wornoutupser

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    I carry a couple of forever bags in my car. They work well in the sand.
  7. moreluck

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    wornout: ....."forever bags"...I have those under my eyes!! :lol:
  8. SmithBarney

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    Lots of our trucks have "traction mats" in the back on the floor.
    Your mechanic should be able to order them for you.
    Also have him make you some cheater chains.
  9. dragracer66

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    Traction mats are junk!! We used them in my building and all they do is become projectile's. The rear tire's grab them then throw them out the back 20-30 feet!!! Carry chain's with you. If you don't know how to install them, ask your manager to get the shop to show your center at pcm that morning on how to install them it's easy. We just got done showing our driver's how to install them. Also whoever said that these car's don't get stuck is an idiot!!! It seem's like the littlest sign of snow and these thing's are getting stuck!!! I know because I chase them and get them out!!!! I use those traction mat's to lay on while I'm under the truck hooking up the chain to pull them out, so I guess the mat's do serve a purpose!!!:thumbup1:
  10. over9five

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    Our trucks get stuck VERY easily because they are so light. Put all your pickups in the very rear to get the most weight on your rear wheels.

    I agree. The person who said we can't get stuck is an idiot who never drove in the snow.
  11. UPSBOI

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    Are we talking mud/sand or snow?
  12. Deuce

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    i have snow chains in my p800 waiting at a moments notice for another blizzard

    edit: it also helps to keep a lot of weight over the rear axle to give your tires more traction
  13. helenofcalifornia

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    This may be a stupid question, but can you put chains on a truck with a set of doubles in the back?
  14. speeddemon

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    call a wrecker
  15. stealth8

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    For years now I have carried in my P700 a five gallon orange Home Depot bucket (with lid) filled with sand and a couple of roof shingles and a shovel.
    My center manager reimbursed me for a pair of FULL CHAINS that I strap on when things get real bad. Didn't have to use the chains last year but two years ago they came in handy. I got to the point where I could get them both on in about 8 mins! My route is 90% country resi, so nothing would have been delivered without them. Cheers!!
  16. retired2000

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    yes, yu can put chains on a car that has duel wheels in the rear
  17. helenofcalifornia

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    And the chains just go on the outside tires of the duelies?? And do any drivers that drive 7 cubes have chains and have used them on their tires? I got stuck last year, towed out, and was told that chains are not an option on the 7 cubes.
  18. OldUPSDriver

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    Helen, where in NorCal do you need chains??? Just curious.
  19. oldpaddy

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    I live/work in NE also. This is my first peak and I'm very nervous about getting stuck and/or losing control of the package car on snow/ice.
    I've worked Saturdays for a few years and have been stuck a couple of times. There's a lot of dirt roads here, so in addition to snow/ice in the winter you have to watch out for sand/mud year round. During the winter I usually bring a shovel with me. Is that allowed during the regular work week?
  20. EAM_Master

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    you can carry anything with you that you think will help you not get stuck or get you out if you do. I've used traction mats .....aka "The Portable Tow-Truck" many times. They have saved my butt!