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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by zachary1, Jan 7, 2007.

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    they need to find a better way to find your trailers when you go to aterminal
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    Not gonna happen.
    It only takes one person putting their trailer on the wrong pad to start a ripple effect.
    You get paid by the hour to drive around looking for your trailer(s).
    Depending on the size of the yard, that could take 30 minutes and then you have to find a place to couple your trailers safely without causing congestion (add another 20 minutes).
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    how do you get paid hourly to go look for your trailers. i get .3 to hook them thats it
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    Trickpony is talking about UPS not UPS Freight.
    Trickpony, You are on the Freight forum and Zachary 11 is talking about UPSFreight yards.

    Well all I have to say is if UPSF is only giving you 18 mins to hook up you'd better pick up the pace, race around, preform unsafe acts, push, shove, climb, jump, yell or do whatever it takes to get that set hooked and out the gate in 18 mins or less so you are no giving free time to the company when you are in reponsibible for their equiptment and freight.

    UPS will justify 37 minutes to hook a set properly and safely, pretrip it and log in all info into the IVIS. If it takes longer than so be it, you will still be paid. Many viariables are involved in hooking a set location of trailers, dollies, weather, servicablity of the equipment, accuracy of info provided such as location of units, percentage of loads, availlity of seal logs and hazmat pouches.

    This .3 crap is another reason why a binding agreement to terms associated with this type of work is needed.
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    i agreee. it is b.s but what can you do when the drivers at ups freight think this is a good deal?