Train derailment in Illinois?

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    I am not a UPS employee, however I have seen you guys be very helpful to others that have posted. I have a package on its way to Austin that has been sitting in Peru, IL for a day or two with a status of "Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control". When I called customer service they told me that there was a train derailment that is causing delays for some packages. It looks like the train derailment happened very close to you think my package was on the train, or is simply delayed because the tracks aren't clear? Any idea how much longer it may be delayed? Hope it wasn't on one of the derailed cars!

    Train Derailment in Central Illinois, Hazmat Called for Possible Hazardous Materials

    Thanks for any info!
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    If it was on another train then it could be a day or a few as they are fairly efficient at clearing tracks in these situations.
    If it was on the derailed train then lord knows. It may be a matter of just getting the cars back on the track or they could be a wadded mess. As soon as UPS would know they would pass it on.
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    UPS uses trains?
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    Yup, takes a lot of seniority to be a UPS engineer.
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    I must be getting close. Where do I sign up?
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    UPS is the largest customer for BNSF. At one time, UPS spent so much money with BNSF that it was rumored in financial circles that it would make sense for UPS to buy the BNSF. There are trains named after UPS managers on the BNSF and UP (or at least there were several years ago.)
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    In regards to the OPs package. Expect a delay of 1 to 4 days. If you need it faster, contact the shipper and have them resend you another item and they can issue an intercept and return to sender for the other.
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    you know more then we do.
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    I call baloney on this. I have been to many BNSF yards and have never seen a train with "Moron" or "Idiot" painted on the side.
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    That ain't right.
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    There's two "R"s in moron?
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    But it's funny.
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    Would UPS waive the intercept fee in a situation like this?
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    I know that I went into Willow Springs today to try pick up a trailer. Things were messed up,and running late.
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    your wrong,,saw picture of derailed car that said Davis Express !!
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    Thanks! I'll keep checking the tracking. I may try contacting the seller, but it's an item that's in short supply and they likely don't have any more in stock.
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    So, what centers/hubs in the country load containers destined for transport by trains? I would say they don't do that here... but then again I don't work the evening (outbound) sort so I don't really have a clue.
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    My package was on there too! I called they said It got derailed by a tornado and I will be contacted on whether my items were damaged or not. Here's a video on YouTube of what the train looks like now ************************************ I guess it happened in Toluca, IL even though it says it's in Peru
    i have a friend that lives near there and her husband said he saw UPS people picking up a bunch of boxes at the train wreck! Hope yours is safe...mine was a laptop and I'm really hoping nothing happened to it!

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    Of course, if anyone wants to see that video, maybe Bbousquet618 would PM you the link.....!