Transferred but insurance accidentally cancelled

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    My husband transferred (school transfer) and the UPS Hub he left mistakenly sent the reason to drop insurance there as a termination instead of a transfer. When he called HR there they said it was out of their hands as they no longer have access to his information as the transfer went through successfully. The new UPS location sent a letter to the insurance company stating he transferred but we were told we had to wait for the insurance to update their records and that could be anywhere from a day to months. On top of it, when we moved we went from Aetna to Blue Cross Blue Shield as the one he was transferring from changed providers and now he's supposed to be back on Aetna here, but as of this morning when I checked online, both are marked as being canceled. As a mom I am concerned because our baby is sick and we currently have no insurance. We also had no warning. In fact, we were notified of this loss of coverage days after it happened.

    Has anyone else been through this? Any advice on how we can get the insurance to cover us sooner rather than later? Both HR locations told us the insurance would not be affected and after the fact, they told us it shouldn't have been affected. But as a mom I just can't sit and wait when we need the insurance coverage.
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    Re: Trasferred but insurance accidentally cancelled

    My transfer (9 years ago) went rather smoothly. Technically you should be able to go see your doctor as usual and the worst thing that would happen is that they (doctor's office) would have to resubmit the billing again after the break in coverage is over.
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    Call everyone up the ladder all the way to Atlanta. Make noise at UPS. Also contact your Representatives in Congress. This is unacceptable!
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    Maybe one of the many stewards that post here regularly will chime in on this. I know the company oversees part time employee's insurance but the union should be able to make the company get on the stick to see that the insurance is reinstated ASAP. Months is not good enough. In fact, if you have the phone number for the local there, call them up and see if they can help.