Trouble Sleeping/Pain - HELP!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by stevetheupsguy, May 18, 2009.

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    I hurt my neck over the weekend and am having troublegetting to, and staying asleep. I am so tired, but keep waking up in pain. I NEVER, not hardly ever, I mean, never, take painkillers or drugs to help me sleep. I just feel that pain is the body's natural way of telling you that something is wrong, or you did something, and it's going to take time to heal.

    Well, I caved in tonight and grabbed a couple of Tylenol. I am in just, so much pain. The pain goes from my neck and ends up in the right side of my head.

    My question: Is there anyone else out there having trouble sleeping? Anyone in pain? What are your remedies for these issues? What helps you get to sleep? What relieve's your ache's and pains?
  2. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back..... all makes sense now!!.This is an expensive answer but a few drivers have hot tubs and say that it makes a HUGE difference...especially if they go in before work, then before bed. My biggest problem is that I get home so late most mights that I need time to wind down and do a few things and I dont feel tired..but once I go to sleep Im out. Maybe a warm drink will help...???I have found a hot water bottle totally old school but very helpful for aches and pains and usually it stays hot for a couple of 5 bucks you can spend...good luck!!!!
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    For muscle pain, you're better off with ibuprofen than Tylenol. With neck pain you usually have to change from your normal sleeping position to get comfortable. Try sleeping flat on your back with no pillow.
  4. UnsurePost

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    seriously, hope you feel better Steve! Aleve works well for that type of pain, muscle and back, also.
  5. PassYouBy

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    Steve, I had that same thing about four years ago. One day I decided to go see the chiropractor to see if I could get some relief. (Of course I thought they were quacks before this :) ) After about two visits I was as good as new. He had told me I had a pinched nerve on my left middle back, and I didn't see how this was true because the pain was mostly on my right side. Now I go twice a month for just routine adjustments.
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    Try Traumeel
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    I agree w/ PassYouBy... Go see a chiropractor. Mine's a miracle worker.
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    Chiropractor is the way to go. I love mine!

    I have had lower back pain for the last month but I don't think it from my back being out. I think this is kidney's again. I have been trying to get into the doctor but my doctor quit and now I have to get a new one and I don't like any of the ones that we have here.:dissapointed:

    UPSERNOJ New Member

    Hey Steve, sorry to hear that u r in so much pain. Definitely see a doctor for some heavy meds...and listen to what everyone else posted about seeing a chiropractor. It does help.

    Hope you feel better....
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    Steve, if you want I will come down and walk on your neck.
    I'm not a doctor, but I watched something like that on tv once.
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    Take it from a feeder Driver that sleeps during the day. A couple of rum and cokes and a shot or two of nyquil....and night night :sleeping2:...or better yet, maybe the wife is holding some JK

    And for neck pain, use only one pillow, best case scenario, a therm-a-puetic pillow that contours to the neck. And also, keep neck level, no crazy angles.....when you wake up...apply heat, then stretch.....then apply cold to reduce inflamation.....repeat, two/three times a day... Send me a co-pay and I'll bill your insurance......:doctor:
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    Hey Stug- Cut your head off at your neck, and it will all be ok....... No really, take a shower, just as hot as you can stand, and work the muscles in your neck.
  15. JohnnyPension

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    For sleep issues it is the best.

    Consult your doctor.
  16. NHDRVR

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    alternate Ice and Heat


    should do the trick....good luck
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    I'd watch out for the ambien. Lots of horror stories.

    I prefer the all natural marijuana. :peaceful:
  18. Paid-over-in-Maine

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    Same here STUG! I did something to my neck last week and it's still not 100%. I take just enough Advil to take the edge off (usually 3). Takes 4-5 days but not this time. Still stiff down the left side to my back. Extremely difficult to sleep the first few nights but I can sleep now.
  19. hurricanegunner

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    Hi Steve, I'm sorry to hear about your ongoing problem. Over the counter meds have never done it for me. I have gone to my doctor on three occasions, and he gave me much stronger stuff that worked. I have never seen a chiropractor, but many of my coworkers have and they swear by them.
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    I used to see a chiropractor, he advised me to get a inversion machine. It helps alot. I also use a hot tub, and bought a sleep number bed. I finally sleep good!!!