Trucks in good or awful shape?

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  1. Just wondering what all the FedEx Ground HD drivers are riding in now that peak is over. Rentals or trucks owned by the contractor? and what kind of shape are the trucks in? mileage?
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    What the truck you talking bout willis?
  3. LOL- that truck in excellent shape!
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    2 boxes on a cart! Crazy inefficiency.
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    It's a union thing.
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    Remember. When you retire, you don't get to vote on contracts. Sleep tight and invest wisely.
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    Hoss: You will find few Ground and HD trucks leaving in the morning in 100% perfect condition but for the most part they're road worthy and have current inspection stickers. I will admit that now and then you will find a contractor who has a "Don't fix it when it's broke. Fix it when it quits running" approach to the matter. We had a guy who was like that. As we found out later,. this guy had a grambling problem.
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    Better than a Penn State problem, I guess!
  9. The trucks have to pass inspection from the terminal
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    Don't worry. He'll drive better in the next state that will grant him a license.