Trying to make me do a split shift

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    So short story my job I bidded on is a 22.3 job. This whole whatever you want to call it going on with ups two guys under me we’re forced to do a split shift now yesterday I was brought in the office and as asked if this was something I wanted to do. I’m asking here first because for the other two guys forced one was FT inside and one was a 22.3 driver but also FT but he came after me. I know he talked to the union and he said at first he had no clue about this but then said he had to go along with it..

    As for me since I was asked I should not have to be forced to go along with it as well since I was asked? I’m just curious since I have to respond by Friday. I can’t see how it’s saving money.. he couldn’t even tell me how long this would be going on for.
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    I guess it depends on how much you want to work. Many 22.3 jobs have been eliminated because of schedule changes or building closures.
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    They are asking now, but they will force if you dont
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    Be a team player!
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    What was the bid?
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    I had just read this last night.
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    Preload/early am/ WAD
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    So they’re saying there’s no early am deliveries and they’re trying to put you on a split shift preload/local sort?
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    No they have work for early am’s it’s just they are trying to save on hours since normally we would wash cars after but since all the hours have been charged to car wash it’s a shortage of hours. I don’t get how you save hours if you are still coming in later.

    You would think they would be happy to have some trucks washed since they haven’t been washed since the last snow storm we had after peak.
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    Stop trying to make sense of the company's decisions.hers my question,is the company trying to say they can force u to take a 2 and 1/2 hour break?I have seen this before,they interpret the 1.5 hour gap and the 1 hour meal period to be separately and not concurrent.that didnt fly in my to ur steward and buisness agent.
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    The bid is now 15 dollas, I have 20, he just upped his bid, up yours!
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    Sold! To the jerk in brown!
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    Well two other air drivers got asked they pointed out in the union book saying if their is not enough work they can make you do a split shift.. they kinda also told them that 22.3 jobs will be going away and maybe turned into 22.4’s but I’m not 100% sure on that... most of the driver stewards haven’t even heard of what’s going on..

    It’s so crazy here now they laid off the security guards lol
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    Stop listening to the company. You need to call your local and ask them these questions. The company is going to tell you whatever they think you will believe.
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    you tell him
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  18. thebrownbox

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    Sadly they told us we had to do it it's in the contract.... that's from the union it's self.