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  1. Lugo

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    Hello guys,

    Financial aids and UPS is helping me pay for college. I got like $1,800 federal grants and like $1,500 from UPS and I only owe $2,200. Should I choose for UPS to pay to the college or reimbursement? Thanks.

  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You have to pay upfront. UPS will reimburse you after you have completed and passed the course.
  3. curiousbrain

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    And, at least where I'm at, any Federal grants are subtracted from the UPS reimbursement amount(s).
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    I looked into this and our Hub does not participate. Every Hub around us does. I was told it's because we don't have a high enough turnover rate.:dissapointed:
  5. Monkey Butt

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    If you quit that might change. :wink2:
  6. curiousbrain

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    By that logic, if you, too, quit, then you might help some aspiring college student.
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    That's what I call being part of the team and helping out your brothers and sister.
  8. Monkey Butt

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    They don't have tuition reimbursement at my location and I can't quit, I can only retire. :wink2:
  9. curiousbrain

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  10. Lugo

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    I took the voucher to my college, so I should just let UPS pay to them or should I do reimbursement? I did not pay anything, financial aids paid for all my courses.. I even have money left over for books. That means I don't even need tuition from UPS, but I need the money to pay the loan that I owe. If UPS pay to college, I will receive a check from financial aids. So, I shouldn't do reimbursement or either works? Sorry, I am confused.
  11. Lugo

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    That sucks! Not all UPS has tuition assistant. That's the only reason why I am working at UPS, or I would not work there and just get food stamps and not work... he he.. but the tuition assistant is what keeps me working there.
  12. Lugo

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    I just noticed my grammar.... let me fix it here...

    Financial aids and UPS are helping me** he he
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    Go to UPSERS.COM and search for the tuition assistance program. There is a phone number to call and the rep should be able to tell you what your options are. From my last convo with said reps a few months back, I recall her saying 95% of tuition assistance is reimbursement after you pass your courses. There are a few select schools which qualify for upfront payment from UPS, but you need to speak to a rep for further clarification.
  14. Lugo

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    It's been said that they will pay upfront. If that's true, I shouldn't do reimbursement? I will just talk to this guy who helps with this kind of problem.
  15. thom1842

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    The two options are pay to school and reimbursement. They are essentially the same except the reimbursement is at the end of the semester and the pay to school is at the beginning. Not every school is eligible for pay to school, you should just call the UPS Ed Assistance number, they are very very helpful. 1-800-850-5181

    Keep in mind: If all of your tuition is covered by FAFSA grants or scholarships you will not receive funds from UPS. If only some is covered by grants and schollys you will get the remaining balance from UPS up to $1,500.
  16. pickup

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    By the way, it is "tuition assistance", not "tuition assistant".

    I am not correcting you in order to be a wise guy, it just bothers me to see that.
  17. Dragon

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    I hope one of the first courses you signed up for is English...proper grammer, spelling etc. Not trying to hammer you but you need a little help.
  18. Lugo

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    Thanks. I knew it! :D
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    Dear Dragon,

    I will accept that compliment. However, when it comes to forum, I could careless; so basically, I write without thinking. If I was to write an essay, I would focus on my grammar, spelling, etc. Enough with the condescending and keep your thought to yourself.
    Oh, and my GPA is 3.30 with 52 credits hour. I think I was condescending there, um. I digress, because that GPA isn't that great. ^^
    Seems like you've been working at UPS for a while. Aren't you smart enough to become a grammar teacher? Sorry if I offended you.... I am in a bad mood today. Thanks for making it worst.

    Best wishes,
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    Hey my payment request has gone through it's final approval last wednesday 1/19/11. When and how should I be expecting my reimbursent. Through mail ? Direct deposit? At work ? In a couple of weeks or days? Any info would be appreciated thank you