Twilight worker working as a helper?

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    I've asked my steward and he said you have to work preload, but I don't believe anything he says since he seems to be in bed with management (idiom). I don't see why I can't work as a helper when my shift starts at 7 pm and drivers are expected to finish before 7pm, and I've been told by a co-worker that my hub manager is cheap and never started them in peak before 6 pm.

    I'm not venting, I'm just asking a question and just want a logical answer, nothing less, nothing more. If they refuse me working as a helper because I work twilight, can I file a grievance?
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    i would think only way you could file a grievance is if they allowed a pt twilight employee with less seniority than u go out as a helper and passed you over.
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    If UPS employs outsiders to work as helpers, there is absolutely no reason why they would not allow in-house persons to do the same, given that a workable schedule can be arranged. If they have enough helpers and your seniority is too low, that's a whole different issue.

    You will, however, have to cut your hair-
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    Wasn't uncommon for me and my drivers to be delivering until 9-10 pm when I was a helper during peak season a few years ago. Even at warp speed. You'd definitely have issues getting to Twilight by 7 if drivers needed you later in the day.
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    I wonder if you will get paid more...for your extra personalities?
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    At our center night shift workers most certainly can driver helper and in many instances are allowed to come in past their normal shift time if they are out helping. Check with your steward, supplement, and FT supervisor.
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    I worked the twi and as a helper. What i would do is meet the driver on his route with my car then drive to the hub before my shift started at 6:30. It worked out great for me
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    My helper for two years was a twi employee. I would pick him up at his house at 11am and drop him off by 4. He started twi at 5 and worked till about 9. Then sometimes he would also work doubles and work the midnight shift as well working until 2am. And then right back in my truck the next day at 11. He was a machine. One of the best helpers I ever had. We even took turns packing lunch for each other so we could just power thru the afternoon without stopping.
    ​Now he's a "lazy" feeder driver. ha ha