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    I have protested in the past by peaceful marching.
    It was a casual stroll but hot both times.
    It seemed to me that a sacrifice of discomfort by the protester was an important part of the action.

    I'm wondering about these people protesting by lying on the ground for 4 hours?
    Holding your arms up for 4 hours would be a sacrifice but laying on the ground?
    Maybe if it was in dog poop.
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    Protests can manifest in many forms, some form of sacrifice or discomfort being one of them. But IMO the underlying point of the protest is a form of non compliance to speak out against some manifestation of society and/or its control mechanism seen as morally harmful or against natural rights for example.

    Non compliance comes in many forms with various levels of risk. The greatest sacrifice, the greatest discomfort may not be the outwardly physical that we see but it may be a more personal thing as the person confronts themselves to act against previously held beliefs, many of them very strong.

    For some, even saying certain words or giving a certain opinion in public to family and friends may be as huge an act of protest as anything MLK or Gandhi ever did.

    I'm betting MLK and Gandhi would agree too!
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  3. superballs63

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    If they lay on the street.....can we just make them roadkill?
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    Go ahead and try. That would mean one less idiot on BC.
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    They too dumb to demonstrate on the street. They instead, sit in front of the tv and watch as megyn kellys nostrils flare while screaming on tv.

  6. superballs63

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    Two according to my math. You and Tos...so, where will you two be protesting?
  7. superballs63

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    What do we have to protest? The unfair non-shootings of our stupid kids who rob stores and assault policemen?
  8. bbsam

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    How about the corporate/political combo that's about ready to gut your pension?
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    TOS is not an idiot----he just needs to learn how to play well with others.
  10. superballs63

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    Upstate, wrong again
  11. Nimnim

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    TOS is not an idiot, ignorant maybe, mislead probably, but TOS has some serious intelligence in the right topic.
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