U thought your package car was old!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Cleaning out my package car and dusting the dash and came up on the VIN number plate.......... My VIN number is 000000000000000000001 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Date of manufactured is 1908 and was built in Rome.... Got under it to do some investigations and low and behold, it still has its original spare wheel (solid wood)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Anonymous 10

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    As long as it's got a low step who cares.
  4. FracusBrown

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    barely broken in...
  5. hurricanegunner

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    They'll try to get another ten Christmases out of that one.
  6. soberups

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    I bet they didnt put a 3 point seat belt in it........
  7. Billy

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    Speaking of old trucks... Do they add some sort of cpu to the old turds to make telematics work, or do they need a newer PC for that?
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    Billy that was one of the big complaints they took old 800/1000s and put hundreds of dollars of telematics into those deathtraps. While for the same money they could retrofit with some modernization/safety equip i.e 3point belt and full seat.
  9. Billy

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    wow, they just do not want to let those things go. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, when telematics made it's way to us that I'd get a newer truck...oh well.
    As much as I agree with you about the safety belt, I do not think there's room for it in the cab. The cab is a lot smaller than the newer cars. There's no anchor point for the shoulder the way it's framed. A full size seat would be to big too. I think a easy fix to the lack of power steering, and the huge step is to simply use the lower profile tires that are on the newer cars. Turning would be easier with a smaller turning ratio, and the step would be at a good level. I haven't looked closely, but it seems that the rim swap would match right up. Sure the speed-o would be off, but who's driving fast the way they're geared anyway?
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    If I ever became a driver I would drive my truck home and close the door between the cab and the package area and then hose down the whole inside of the truck. I don't care if I even had to pay for the gas and time that they would consider "wasted". I would gladly pay UPS $100 to drive it home and give it a thorough cleaning. My loader and myself would spend too much time in my truck to not have a huge benefit of a clean truck interior. Its disgusting how much grime has built up inside those trucks, and I really don't mind the lose stuff that can be swept away or blown out with the leaf blower. Its all the junk that has adhered to the metal surfaces inside those things. I don't even care about how dirty the outside of the truck is because those surfaces don't get touched and arent in an enclosed space with no ventilation. A truck with a clean exterior is just for show but a clean interior is for health and sanitary reasons but the interiors are never cleaned.
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    I like a clean car. I got my car brand new in 2006. When I came back to Package it was disgusting. Took me several lunch hours to clean it up. Even brought a razor scraper in to clean some of the disgusting substances up! Nothing I can do about all that body damage it acquired while I was gone tho....
  12. trplnkl

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    Just stop by one of those "wand" type carwash places, a buck and a quarter, ya got a clean ride. Oh, and be sure you code out the time on the DIAD.
  13. trplnkl

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    Obviously they had no idea you would be returning to package or they would have put your truck in mothballs until you came back.
  14. over9five

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    Obviously I had no idea or I would have requested it!
  15. CustomerConcern

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    Dang...yall still have carwashers? We have to wash our own trucks, only positive is that we do get to spray out the inside and cab.
  16. konsole

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    There talking about taking it to one of those carwashes that are located at some gas stations, not the carwash"ers" that wash the trucks overnight in the building.

    Customerconcern, you mean they actually let you hose out the inside of the truck? I know I would want to hose out my truck but I'm surprised they actually let drivers do it.
  17. rod

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    That falls under the category of don't ask- just do it. They will let you know if its a no no later. (they will get over it). In the mean time you have a packge car with a clean inside-----a rare thing at UPS. Make sure your truck is sitting at an angle so the water drains- otherwise you tend to have some real soggy packages the next day.
  18. The Blackadder

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    Heck I am riding Mr. Casey's 1st bike dont tell me about old. LOL.

    Ok I have a nice p1000 with power steering, auto tran., and a low step. On this I can not complain, having driven older Cars this is like driving a Caddy.

    Of all the things I will say I dont like about how UPS treats us I have to admit the newer Cars are not to bad.
  19. over9five

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    Not too bad compared to what we're used to.

    Now go look at a Fedex Express car.
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    MGT makes sure we got what we need (soap, push broom, sprayers) we are encouraged to do so, and hey its a 20min time allowance to wash your own car. Makes for happy preloaders and a happy preloader means 'fewer' missloads.