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    I began the new year just a said i would, with a better attitude about life and stop crying so much about the lopsidedness of the contract. of course, it didn't last long. Our Bid sheet reads like this. We have nine full time bids with 9 am start times with the jobs run and description. Then my ten percent spot is next with a 6 am start on mon and the rest of the week, 12 noon start time.The next three slots are labled " Will Call". Now Having a reputation of being a productive and dependable worker, i am given a fair share of hours from management, even though i am not gauranteed. So I just go on and do my job and go home. Well the steward was talking the other nite about the bid sheet. The cotract states that " start times shall be posted for bid". So when i look at my steward and point to the three "will Call" slots , this is his reply: " The contract also say that the company can maintain a number of unscheduled emplyees FOR ad hoc and extra work.". That was his reasoning to management having the three " Will Call" Spots and my "unassinged spot". I asked him how can four of your regular employees for the last year be considered ad hoc work or extra work? . How long does it take to realize that some thing you do everyday for a year and a half is basically defined as "regular?' of course he can't answer me and he never will. He wen't on about my "Unassigned" spot int the contract but yet he can't show me where it says an unassigned bid will be posted. I am really discouraged by the amount of problems taht were are having with this contract. The company does what they want to do when they want to do it and it takes months and months for action. I've never heard of the union making some decision first an letting ups see if they like or fight it. I'm not talking about minor indifferences, i'm talking major daily occurances. Our steward walks around with a suitcase full of stuff and god bless him because he fights every single minute for us but where does it end?
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    i hear and feel every word your saying. i think it's the same for everyone involved. i keep telling myself go to work do my job and go home. its very hard especially when most of us don't understand how and what the union does. and the company keeps throwing us curve balls:dissapointed: try to keep smiling, if you have enough seniority and or enough work i would like to think we'll make it through this. do you have the motor cargo/ovnt stigma? we are still in separate terminals and its truly a distraction we(as a whole) don't need.
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    The company is looking for the hard core union people, so they can get rid of them, by any means.

    Hard core= anyone writing grevanices.
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    at your terminal do they bid the leedman spots
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    not that i am aware of.
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    but its a job that comes in the same time every day