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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brownt10, Jul 20, 2019.

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    do air drivers get a 9-5 list to be put on or 8 hour request?
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    Union steward says air drivers are not in the classification for the 9.5 list. My building does honor 8 hour request for FT air drivers but not PT air drivers. PT does not even have a lunch break option no matter how many hours you work or the outside air temperature. This past week air drivers have been working right up to the 14 hour limit in 95+ degree temps. Both PT and FT. Most drivers go ahead and do take a break either on or off the clock. Friday I worked 11+ hours with a 20 minute unpaid break with a high temp of 99.
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  5. No
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    I don't know what state or even what region you are under. Here part time "MUST" take a lunch before 6 hours because of state law. Does your state have any lunch laws?

    Just to be clear, are you saying PT air is not allowed to take a lunch??
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    Our supervisors are out delivering most of the day as well. Bet they wish they got paid overtime or just became drivers
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    How many 8 hour request can a full time air driver get?
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    What the Union steward told me when I brought it up. Not in the lunch classification. No state law about lunch breaks. I guess because my state is not a former slave state the legislature would trust employers to do the right thing.
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    That's sucks. I believe our region language says everyone after a certain amount of hours is entitled to a lunch. PT air drivers seem to get screwed a ton in your area.
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    I believe air drivers are test cases for the new 22.4 classification. Without the top driver rate when delivering or picking up ground. Disposable labor.
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    Can you file a grievance for sups delivering ground before asking air drivers to do the work first? Seems to be happening often at my center, they exhaust all qualified drivers then sups jump on vacant routes.
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    The company is required to "exhaust all means" of covering the work, with

    existing qualified employee's.
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    Definitely file. The strongest labor union in the world....has your back. Lol.
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    Every laborer at UPS is disposable.