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    Ok so I was told by unemployment that UPS turned me in for 5 days in october and 5 days in september that they said I could have bumped a part time employee for 3.5 hour days at 12 dollars an hour instead of collecting unemployment so now I have to pay it back.:angry: Im pretty p o ed has this happened to anyone else. My first thought is I hope that person whom they have hired to go through all the paper work and try to figure this out sleeps well at night. Carma...happenes
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    Cannot collect unemployment at our center. Laid off drivers have to bump onto either the preload or evening local sort.
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    Same in ours as well. We have to go into some other sort and cannot collect. But if allowed to like you were, i'd be p'od as well.
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    You still should be able to collect. Last year I got layed off in Jan and had the oppotion of working preload or local sort or taking a full layoff. I worked the preloadand collected. In MA you can make up to 1/3 of your unemployment and still get a full unemployment check. Anything above a 1/3 they start taking the differece from what you get from unemployment.
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    Did UPS call you and tell you that you could work on these days ??? If not I'd fight it with the unemployment people.
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    So you were offered work on the inside, turned it down and then thought you would still be eligible for unemployment for those days? The "person whom they have hired to go through all the paperwork and try to figure this out" is simply doing his/her job (BTW, it's all computerized so it's really not that hard to figure out.) and frankly you should be ashamed for trying to pull a fast one on the folks at unemployment. UPS pays in to unemployment so it is in their interest to track their payments to ensure that only those employees who are entitled to unemployment receive the assistance. It would not surprise me if unemployment also penalized you by making you ineligible for future payments for a period of time. Unemployment is intended for those people who are unable to find work, not those who don't want to work for a lesser wage. Karma has indeed worked in this case.
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    I did work these days and claimed the work I did . Im not ashamed.Im trying to eat
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    He didn't say he was offered to work.
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    Its a small center if I get called I work end of story.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He just said that he did work those days so it would appear that he would be ineligible to file on those days. There are some states that do allow you to file and will pay you either a portion of or the whole difference between what you would have made and what you actually made.

    I just re-read his OP and he does not state that he was offered work on the inside. He said that UPS claimed that he could have bumped in to the hub on 10 different dates. Now he is saying that he did work those days.
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    Unemployment Laws vary from state to state, but for the most part, if work is available and you choose not to do it, then you are S.O.L. For example, if you are a Cover Driver and there are no driving positions, you have to go back to your PT job in the building. If you choose not to do it, unemployment will not be given to you. On the other hand, if you are a FT Driver and are laid off or have to work in the building, if your pay at that point is less than the maximum unemployment that you would otheriwise be entitled to, most Dept of Labor offices will supplement the difference up to the max unemployment rate.
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    There you go making ASSumptions again, I sure wish I knew everything like Upstate!!
  13. grgrcr88

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    Maybe you should ASSume something, and pass judgement on your ASSumptions
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    Aller merde vous
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    Ok thanks . More specific this is how it went I got a phone call from a man in unemployment message to call him back by friday never said why so I called friday he was on the phone but the lady said ups claims I turned down work on those days and to leave him a voice mail he would call back. He never did . So I talked to my sup he said this has been going on and they unemployment will make me pay back funds. I have not recieved a letter yet. After looking at my pay stubs I can see I worked those weeks . So again I say cant remember those days exactly but ill try to get time cards from work also will stand by the fact I have never turned down work. Unless its a sick call or ro and I dont claim those. we only have one part timer she works nights . Sometimes I will come in and work morning unload for time worked. Do you think they want me to work night also before I can claim? Shouldnt I get a call then for that shift. Im confused.
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    I would go to the unemployment office monday and talk to someone. Tell what happen that you did work PT those days and you did claim in on your weekly unemployment check in. What ever you do file an appeal this way you will have a hearing in which someone from UPS will have to show up if not you win. UPS is counting on you just letting it go and not doing anything about it.

    As for they making you work both preload and local sort you need to check your local rider but if your new I'm pretty sure that your not intitled to work both shifts only one or the other. I know in my area when I get laid off I'm only give the choice to work one or the other or take a full layoff.
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    If bumping a junior employee would mean that he (or someone lower on the seniority list) would be laid off, then the Unemployment Office might not require you to bump.

    Check with UPS to determine whether anyone would be laid off or had their hours reduced, as a result of your bumping.

    The Unemployment Office is trying to maintain employment, not just trade one unemployed individual for another. They probably wouldn't require you to put someone out of work, or keep someone out of work.
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    And why does Upstate keep assuming you are a guy? Enquiring minds want to know. :wink2:
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    Check with state or local unemployment statutes. Here, again I say, HERE (!), the state requirement is that you do NOT have to accept any position that pays less than the rate to which you are normally paid or bid on.

    I won this many yrs ago. Whilst operating heavy equipment all summer, we were normally laid off for about 4 months per year because of winter weather. I always applied for and was granted unemployment checks (full checks for no work, half checks for any amount I made over 45% of the unemployment rate).

    The boss said he offered me inside shop work at way less than union Operating Engineers scale and protested unemployment. The state said I didn't have to take anything less than what I was signed up for, trained for or qualified for and hired for.