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I was just browsing ebay and there are like 4 or 5 pairs of brown uniform shorts for sell and a UPS brown jacket for sell. Of course the shorts have bids on them already.
Here is the link to the jacket.
eBay: AUTHENTIC UPS Men's Brown Jacket, Custom Size, NWT!!!!! (item 110115543424 end time Apr-23-07 00:58:41 PDT)

I thought UPS monitered ebay? I know that this post will get in the right hands to get them removed. I am sending ebay a message about them.
ebay will take it down. and it's not because UPS wants it, it's because it violates eBay's terms. admist these rumors that a con man wearing a fedex/ups jacket can steal your identity


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Yes I have noticed they are slipping. They usually dont make it more than a day, unless its a buy it now.

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I wish I could get some underwear that is brown in the back and yellow in the front, so if I make a mistake, I would'nt have to hide them from my wife.