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    seems to me with the economy getting better we got ups by the balls. they would lose millions of dollars a day if we went on strike, and look at what we gave up in the last contract. I say we stick to them the same way they stick to us. 4 billion last year huh!:angry:
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    Dear upsers,

    Seems to me with FedEx ground making half what you make, us losing volume to them every day, a weak economy that keeps yoyoing, and skyrocketing health care costs. I have you by the balls. Also add in high unemployment and tons of people that would jump at the chance to make $30+ an hour to deliver packages.


    Scott Davis
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    How much did fed ex profit last year? UPS loses volume to Fed ex because their packages don't look like mush when they get delivered, they also show up on time. This could be avoided by UPS if they didnt try to count beans 24/7. UPS always steps over a dollar to save a dime.
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    I was playing devils advocate but if what your saying is true we are screwed. If FedEx has better service an is cheaper than us start looking for new jobs now.
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    I prefer to say they blow their load all over the dollar looking at the dime.
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    fedex is restructuring and has cut it's full year earnings twice into the last six months vs ups 4 billion
  9. Bagels

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    But FedEx Ground, UPS's most direct competition, has margins of more than 20%. The profits from Ground are keeping FedEx afloat. We should be thankful for this, because if FedEx was in position of cutting Ground's margin (and therefore undercutting UPS on price) in favor of market share, us UPSers would be ****ed.
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    True. But at some point they will be big enough where they will bramble to charge less then UPS and still show a nice profit. Fred's patience will pay off if he can keep unions out.
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    Imagine if Fedex waits until UPS signs on to a contract with the union that favors the union heavily. Say for instance $1 per hour raise every year of the contract. That is the day Fedex would begin their aggressive price structuring.
  12. Brownslave688

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    Look at FedEx and ups they both like where prices are. Hell they have been accused of price fixing.

    I really don't think either wants to aggressively drop prices. U take the chance of never being able to get back to where u were.
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    the company doesn't care about losing volume. in fact they are planning on it. their package division ROI ( return on investment ) is not very high because of manpower and capital overhead.

    they want to expand their real estate holdings and logistics operations. the ROI is much higher with less overhead.

    if i were in charge , i would do exactly the same thing. think about it.
  14. Bagels

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    Even if UPS were to sign such a contract today, overall the company is in much stronger financial state to survive a brutal price war than FedEx is. If the discrepancy in labor costs continues to grow, I expect FedEx will take advantage of the situation to shore up its financials & increase its profit. Long-term it may choose to undercut UPS, but we're still pretty far from that point.
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    I honestly think our customers are loyal to our company and our drivers. Customers have a great relationship with the people they see every day. Working for this company for as long as I have I just wish someone who has authority at the Corporate level would realize that the Customers are the most important aspect of our company. They need to take better care of the packages that are being shipped through us, because your numbers are going to be really good when you have next to no customers left. I don't understand how crushing more packages, and getting part-time employees off the clock sooner is better for UPS's profits. You realize this is only a temporary gain in your profit watch right? I see Customers weekly that are tired of waiting in Will Call for close to an hour to pick up a package because UPS won't pay for more employees to work (for our Customers). I see packages damaged and loaded on trucks because UPS doesn't want to pay anyone to work QC anymore. So paying an employee is now less profitable then paying claims on packages that are ruined or damaged. I've shipped fragile packages often through the Post Office because I know with the small volume of larger packages they ship, they will take far better care of them then a company that seems to be able to ignore a certain number of packages just because of the volume they have shipped through them. It will eventually come full circle and I honestly believe UPS needs to change their way of thinking in the world of shipping. I see customers fed up and willing to go elsewhere. When will you listen to your employees???????????
  16. Brownslave688

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    Your living in the past if u think a majority of our customers give a damn about loyalty.
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    UPS will never listen to us hourly worker WHO do see what goes on out there with OUR customers.. They are fed up, I agree.. Years ago, I approached my supervisor to suggest something about the run I was doing (to improve service). I was told, and I will never forget these words, I quote "you are here to work, not to think." Since that day, I no longer gave my mind to UPS..Then one day, we were told to meet for packages that were being shuttled out to us due to a late trailer.. I went to the meet point and there were about four of us drivers waiting.. After 30 minutes or so, my co-workers started to leave. I kept waiting..and waiting.... then after about an hour and a half, I went into a business to call.. I was told then that they changed their minds and the shuttle was not coming.. They then asked why I had waited so long.. I said I was instructed to meet the shuttle, and that is what I was doing..They asked about the other drivers, and I told them that they had left.. When asked why I was still there, I told that same sup. that I was instructed to meet there and that is what I was doing,,When he said why did you just not leave after waiting for so long, you should have realized that the shuttle was not coming.. I referred to his quote.. I am here to work, not think... money in the bank..I work by that same quote to this day,, I give them my labor, not my brain..THEY created this attitude.. When I started 26 years ago, I was a loyal gung ho, delivery monster...Not anymore..
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    There are several places I go to that rave about our service and can't stand FedEx, and tell me about it constantly ...as they put the last package on the last of seven skids of packages to be shipped by FedEx, while I grap a couple packages. No, admiration and loyalty don't seem to help.....
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    Price doesn't much matter if your customer never gets the package!!