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    We are currently having issues with routes being eliminated on certain days dues to volume loss, as are ,many other centers. In the past, those drivers whose routes were temp eliminated did floating routes, vacation coverage, etc. Now, after a meeting with UPS big wigs, they are telling us that those displaced drivers can bump ANYONE with lower seniority than them, and that it is THEIR choice. Meaning management cannot place them anywhere. And, to top it off, the driver that they "bump", cannot bump a lower seniority person if they have a route, and that management can place them where they want. This is the Michigan district. Anyone heard of this?
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    This will vary from supplement to supplement but is standard practice here in Upstate NY.
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    Check your supplement. In the Atlantic Area the displaced driver can bump anyone junior in center, the driver he/she bumps can then bump anyone junior to them in center, and the third bump goes to cover.
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    Did the union see the numbers for themselves?
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    This is what should happen. Driver 1, takes a route he doesen't know displacing driver 2, that driver should take a route he dosen't know and so on. I think this would be a great day. Drivers all over the place, running late and having missed business because of area knowledge. I wonder how many days it would take if this were to happen for the routes to come back.
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    I don't think the company would show there numbers, It's all about stops
    per car. One of my supervisors told me -----drivers like to stay out late, so
    working 10 hours with a 8 hour dispatch. They said put the work on the truck,
    and hold them to the numbers. That why everybody in getting ojs
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    Our michigan supplement states that "other than the months of november and december if a bid area is changed 50% or more, the employees shall have the right to follow the portion in excess of 50% of the delivery stops. If the temporary change involves more than a 2 way split, the driver shall select by seniority". The union has turned this statement into " if your route is taken out, you can bump ANYONE below you whether they have a bid route or not. Here's the kicker. THE DRIVER GETS TO CHOOSE WHO HE BUMPS. Also, the driver that gets bumped, cannot then bump a lower seniority driver that has a bid route. So more less, you will be doing a :censored2: route. What do we do when the UNION is not following the rules???
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    They have a right to audit the books.
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    I would love to use my seniority, problem is, the union is agreeing to this! Ive been there 16 years, never had to deal with the union. So who do you go to when the union is screwing you????
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    A place for you to start...might be to attend a union meeting and introduce yourself to your Business Agent. Ask him/her personally for an explanation. If you are not satisfied with that explanation, then discuss the issue with your coworkers and if a significant number of them are also unhappy with the situation then you could all sign a petition to let the BA know that the people who vote for him are not satisfied with the representation they are paying for. If you are still not satisfied with the response, then go back to your coworkers and consider electing a new Business Agent.

    The union works better when people get informed and involved. If you have spent the last 16 years paying dues to an organization that you have never chosen to "deal with", then with all due respect it sounds like you are getting the representation you deserve.
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    It simply does not work that way in our local. you can't just broadbrush and expect the same results through and through, I'm sure everywhere is different.
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    Wouldn't completely taking the route out for the day be more than a two-way split thereby allowing the driver to select by seniority according to this language?
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    You should at least be able to stand up at a meeting and ask the questions you need answered. Your local will or should respect this and it shows then you want to be involved.
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    This a good illustration of the UPS-Teamster contract.
    It is open to interpretation by anyone who wants to interpret.
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    lol.. that would be funny if somehow the top seniority route get cut for the day. Then the domino effect of "bumping" starts and no one in the whole center is driving their normal route.
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    This issue of breaking up routes is something that needs to be address in the next contract. Technology has changed and the company is now able to remove routes completely and shift the work to various trucks outside the delivery loop. The current language (depending on your local rider) only addresses the over 50% standard, but what if they break it up 25% 25% 25% 25%?

    This is where we are getting into problems. Where a senior driver can excercise some remedy is by using his seniority. Most package riders have this language contained in section 1-recognition: "The employer recognizes that the principle of seniority shall be given prime consideration in the everyday operation of the business."

    A senior driver whos route is eliminated shall not have his seniority violated and can excercise that seniority by bumping a lower seniority driver. Seniority is the most important factor in the argument.

    In that sentence of seniority, it is clear that the company AGREES and UNDERSTANDS that SENIORITY shall be given PRIME CONSIDERATION in the everyday operation.

    This can substitute for any package route eliminations where the company removes a route and wants to displace a senior driver to utility or send them home because their route was cut.

    Seniority can never be violated.

    The package riders of each local will need to be updated in 2013 in order to protect the drivers from route eliminations. More clear cut language needs to be implemented in order to avoid the conflicts that arise out of route cuts.

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    Jones, I am in the Atlantic Area and my route is now cut four days a week. I am told that I fall into the art. 48 layoff language and that if I want to work then I can only bump the junior driver in our building. Management is telling me that this is a "gentlemans" agreement that has been practice, but we have never continually cut bid routes on a daily basis before.
    This is no longer satisfactory as I cannot believe that with over 20 years of seniority I should be having to scrounge for work daily behind drivers with 5 years or fewer seniority. It has been expressed to me by my on car and manager that art. 48 sect. 6 does not apply because the cut is not permanent. I am currently trying to work this through my steward, ba, mgmt team, and even the local pres. Any addiitional insight that you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks!

    BTW: I have been lurking on the bc since the 97 strike and have found the many topics here to be insightful as well as entertaining. Thanks to all:happy2:
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    The language needs to be adjusted in the next contract like TOS said. When a driver bids a route he should know that his route will be in on a daily basis. We need to define the routes and what bustable baseline routes should be. We need languiage covering those routes that do get busted so the drivers have some sort of options in 3 way to 8 way splits, as an example.