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    If a greivence goes to the regional board and they make a decision. Are you stuck with that decision or do you have other options. The reason for asking is, I filed a greivence a while back that ended up at regional board. It was for being denied to bid from the dock to P&D. I was told I won the greivence was not awarded my back pay. Not sure I agree with that decision. Actually, I feel sold out or they horse traded my back pay in lieu of another problem. Either way, am I just stuck with that decision? Is there a statute of limitations to push this forward if it is possible? And last I never recieved a letter stating the findings, it was done by phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    If a decision was rendered at a regional panel....

    Article 7 Section 5 (c).... Last sentence.

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    Thank you for your help. After reading that it sounds like we will not any that have to do with a monetary value. Guess I know what to look for in my pending case as well.
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    A grrievance and the contract mean ABSOLUTELY Nothing, if it it is not backed up with a shop full of fighters. I always found when I was a union delegate in the hospital work actions and groups of workers coming in mass to the bosses office had more influence on a decision than a piece of paper. It takes great effort and patience to build that kind of unity. And a total commitment to the working class.