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quad decade guy

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Money and time well spent
Now go jump in one of your Corvettes and do a burn out down the block for all the neighbors to see

What a tool
Its is and was. Never actually "did a burn out". My car will go 177mph though. I like that. Tires are too expensive to burn up(putting that money into my 401K ; ) I'd offer you a ride but alas you'll just have to wonder how the "other half" lives....Actually my corvette is way faster than my airplane. So, .99 menu at Jack in the Box for you tonight? LOL


You want a toe? I can get you a toe.
For who? Your burning jealousy? I like the consequences(I guess)...whatever that means. Hey champ, keep clipping coupons. Say, I'd offer you a ride in any of my "toys". But alas, I wouldn't to save your miserable existence. Nor urinate on you either.
I mean honest to goodness what in the world would I have to be jealous of? Being here 40+ years and still spending a majority of your time away from home in a feeder cab?
Sorry but no thanks.