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    Sorry if this topic has been covered in the past but Im new to the board and new to UPS. I started March 12th as a preloader. Nobody has talked to me about the union yet.

    Here are some of my questions.

    Do you have to wait for your 30 days before you can join?

    Does being a part of the union keep you from advancing to a sup postion? if not do you have to quit the union once your a sup.?

    Do I have to start the joining of the union on my own or will someone soon call me to explain this stuff.

    How do I scheduale a time to meet with a rep.

    Will my management take offense to me joining.Will it limit me in any way?

    Should I wait till my probation is up before i pursure this.

    The hub I work at probly consist of maybe 15 preloaders, out of those 15 maybe 5 are a part of the union. The ones that arent i dont think are planning on makeing a career at ups but I am so any info would be great.
    Thank you very much for any help givin. I just love my job and want to make the best of it.
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    Ask around and find your steward. If there is not one available during preload then stick around and ask the drivers who the steward is.

    1 - not sure, its been to long
    2 - no and yes you will have to.
    3 - Your steward should be contacting you but I would track the steward down and introduce yourself.
    4 - Find your steward
    5 - Mgt should not care one way or the other if you join the union and it should not limit you in any way. Weingarten Rights. Learn about this. Mgt can not legally limit you in any way because you are in the union.
    6 - Talk to your steward.
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    thank you very much for the info.