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    For the third consecutive year, the largest private sector giver was Atlanta-based UPS (NYSE: UPS - News), which pledged more than $4 million. UPS is also the largest giver to the 1,400-member United Way system nationally.
  2. Old Jim would be proud at the way money is extorted from employees to rack up those United Way numbers.
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    Extorted? How about stolen? Last year I had UPS taking united way money out of my paycheck. Funny thing was I had never filled out a form for them to do this. Told them I wanted it stopped now and they made up a story about how I changed my mind. Then asked to see a copy of the form. They could not produce one. After 2 months I finally got it stopped and my money returned.

    The kicker? I was only one of four this happened to. I an so glad our company maintains such high standards.
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    Lets see..We are forced into a meeting to watch a sad video. We have no other options, we MUST GO! We have no choice in the matter. Then Mgmt. says "Glad you could come" or "Thanks for comming".. WHAT THE HELL?? Like we had a choice!!!!!!

    What about the no solicitation rule???
    They ban Girl Scout cookies because of their no solicitation rules, but force their "United Way solicitation" on us . Its just not right!!
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    Does anyone have some good info, possibly online, that would show us how to support other charities through the United Way form? We've been told every year we dont have to support the entire United Way, that we can select an individual charity. I've seen the spot to do this, but then we need a code, management provides a list of charities, all of which are strange and non local ones. I personally dont want to support UW, but was kinda twisted into giving again, but i only did decrease from last year by 80%..... I have many other more important things to give to.
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    I too would like to see which local charities and what percentage goes where. I would like to see the percentage that goes to their "administrative costs". I would donate to them, but there always is a swanky banquet that our management team goes to to accept the UW award for the biggest corporate contributer.

    We as a center help with the Special Olympics. I feel my time and money is better spent with them.
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    My center manager asked me into his office and had the United Way paper to fill out on his desk, I saw it and Immediatly knew what was comming so I told him straight up no! He asked for me to hear him out, so I did and told him no again. He then proceeded to beg and ask why. I told him I have my own charity I give to, then I asked to leave. I've had many managers ask me into their offices to beg and plead and give a sob story. It's so bad that it's almost like harrassment.
  8. tieguy

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    I give . I give freely. I have seen the good the united way has done. And I have never gone to or been invited to a swanky dinner.

    I can't defend some of the goofy things we may do to get you to give to your community. But I can tell you I have seen the united way in action and I do believe they do our community a lot of good.
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    I want to know why we are required to sign the form if we are not giving?

    and can we refuse?

    I give to charities on my own, but the unbelievable pressure they
    try on us, is unreal.
  10. over9five

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    "and can we refuse?"

    Yes. I never would sign it for the years I didn't participate. And I didn't participate solely because of the tactics they used to get you to participate.

    Now, for the last 5 years, I have given. Couple bucks a week doesn't hurt, and hopefully does some good somewhere.
  11. trickpony1

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    By signing the form you have, in theory, participated even if you didn't contribute money.
    Your department manager can then parade around telling all his cronies that he had "...100% participation......".
    For various reasons I refuse to give.
  12. Ms Spoken

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    For many year I have never went with UW @ UPS. I'm involved with Make-A-Wish and that is where some of my extra money goes to. So of corse I got the same ol sond and dance and I signed up for $4 dollars a week only to go to MAK. I was told by high up manager that is in charge of the money and she would watch my close.
    Well I'm here to tell you I will be call MAW after the first quarter to make sure they got my money or I'm going to pull it. Make-A-Wish was not on the list of community charties so lets see if UPS lied to me again. All I can say is they got a chance to prove they can handle where my moeny goes or it be GONE from my pulling it.
    Everyone should look into a childs eyes when you ask they " if you could have just one wish what would it be?" All of their pain is forgotten at that second and I let my kids dream BIG REAL BIG.
    I hope my children never need this service but, for the kids this really takes alot of burden off the parents because we pay for everything. Plus, M-A-W will even cover one of the parents loss of income if the kid wants to go on a trip. I feel every child no matter where they are from sould get one chance in life to have something that really makes them happy.
  13. trickpony1

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    How dare you suggest that management would lie to you!

    The gods will descend upon you.

    (sarcasm intended)
  14. over9five

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    Mislead maybe, but never lie!!
  15. broke.in.tsg

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    The funny part is not one penny of this United Way money was used to help any of the Hurricane victims in TX, LA, AL, MS, FL, etc last year.
  16. beentheredonethat

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    The money gets paid to the united way every month. So I'm assuming they would forward to MAW also monthly. In any event, please post back to let us know the results. I'd be real interested to find out what you discovered. I had always wondered how that worked myself. I've heard people who work on the United Way boards before indicate that one of their responsibilities is to figure out how to split the money up since there are always more needs then there is money to fill the needs. They would decide to give 1,000 dollars of the proceeds to charity X, so much to charity Y etc. If you say I want to give 100 dollars to the UW but all of it to charity X. Will charity X now get $1,100 the original $1,000 plus the 100 I specify? Or would they still only get $1,000 but of that $100 is what I give, which if that happens my money really didn't go there. Gut opinion is that the MAW foundation won't get the money.
  17. Mr. Brown

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    United way may do good things in the neighborhoods every once in awhile, but in my opinion they are a bunch of crooks taking all UPSers for granted! In the long run nobody knows where there money goes.
  18. ImpactedTSG

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    I wouldn't be too proud of the fact that UPS is the biggest donor to UW. Most of the donations are not optional donations. I can't wait to work somewhere where you are not "forced" to dotnate.