United WE WIN!!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brown to Brown, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Brown to Brown

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    Looking forward to this next contract. We had legitimate proposals and left our meeting positive. If we stick together I think it is doable. We should not be airing our laundry for UPS to see. I know for a fact that my manager stays on here just to keep up with how we feel. Let's stick together!!!:peaceful:
  2. packageguy

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    I have to agree, laundry is done at home. we should stick together.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Sorry but sounds silly to me ... what is he going to do?
    Tell someone this is what they want?
  4. Brown to Brown

    Brown to Brown New Member

    Here's the thing. During union meetings we have the new members take an oath to not divulge union matters to non union people. That includes management and non union employees. Would you ever believe?...more managers and non union get most of their information from this site. As union members, why can't we fulfill that oath to discuss other things that aren't mean solely for the monthly meetings. Individualism is killing us. Someone has a gripe, they don't take it up with their BA or Principal Officer, they throw it out here for all to see. I really don't think that that was the way that this was designed. Democratically, you have the right to speak out. But, as a union, we have safeguards of letting all of our inner dealings out to the public and I think it should be honored. I'm for us all to move forward!!!
  5. Pizzed off Brown

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    You must be one of the lucky few to be in a local that gives a DA#$m. You can talk to your BA or Pricipal Officer? For Some of us our only recourse is to get our voices heard on the Brown Cafe!