Unscheduled Pickups and Prepaid pkgs. The final answer.

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  1. brownmonster

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    We had DIAD Training on this subject a while back. Here is the actual policy.

    Key points for Pickup Scanning Procedures:
    · Scan barcodes of packages from Drop Boxes and those that come from, Walk-Up, Drive-Up or Drop-Off customers

    · Walk-up, Drive-Up and Drop-Off packages are not scheduled stops. Record the package count in "Special Counts", do not use "Unscheduled Pickup". These are typically prepaid packages.

    · Packages picked up at scheduled pickup accounts do not require barcode scanning. The Pickup Summary Barcode should be scanned and any additional pickup packages in the count should be included.
  2. over9five

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    Yup, that's how we do it.
  3. some1else

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    I wonder if this conflicts with the "ars" language in the contract art 40 sect 1.7

    Claiming that "most" unscheduled pickups are prepaid And eliminating the time allowance which allows more routes to be cut (the whole point). So ups can decide unilatirly that pickups no longer count as work?
  4. BrownArmy

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    I have MANY MANY pickups on the various routes I cover for which scanning the pickup summary barcode will only show some of the actual pieces picked up...

    There are lots of large office shippers with mail rooms which generate the pickup volume reflected in the 'end of day' report, but which also have 'campus ship' capability...sometimes there are double the amount of campus ship pieces than what's on the end of day.

    I scan the end of day, but also scan each campus ship piece. Never heard a thing about it...
  5. DorkHead

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    This is how we do it also. However, I was told to scan all pkgs at scheduled pick up accounts that don`t have a end of day summary barcode. Such as worldship I think it is called or something like that.
  6. Monkey Butt

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    WorldShip creates a Pickup Summary Barcode.
    There is no need to scan any pickup packages from a Daily or Smart Pickup account or from On-Call Pickup.
    Brownmonster has the procedures correct.
  7. bumped

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    We were told to scan on demands. What happens if a package car on the rode starts on fire. I know its out there, but it has happened in our center before. How does UPS know exactly what packages were in the car if we don't scan everything?
  8. Monkey Butt

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    What's the use of knowing that information?
    UPS is not going to contact the package shipper or consignee.
    The shipper files a claim and it goes through the process.
  9. bumped

    bumped Well-Known Member

    I guess it would be he said/she said.

    Shipper...I gave driver my Zappos box to the driver when he did our daily pick-up

    1-800-UPS in India...Sorry, we have no record of that package. Your out of luck.

    What happened to having 100% vision on all packages through the system. Giving a package to a driver is part of that vision.
  10. Monkey Butt

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    He said/She said actually goes against UPS and the driver.

    UPS has decided that an Origin scan is the point of entry into the UPS system.
  11. brownmonster

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    The information I provided is not our local policy. It's verbatim from UPSers.com. If your boss has other ideas, show him the UPS proper procedure.