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    Stock down 3% already this morn. Growing steady does not work on Wall Street. Go private.
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    Our revenue goes up over last year but the stock gets punished. It's getting a little tiring to own the stock and watch it sit in one spot for seven years.
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    It's distressing to see this stock go down every time earnings are announced. And the worst part is, knowing how hard UPS employees work at the district and region level. As far as the Corporate group, I don't know how they can live with themselves with these results. How this company can encourage employees to purchase this stock as an investment is beyond me.
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    United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE:UPS - News) on Tuesday provided a full-year outlook for 2007 below analysts' forecasts, citing a slowing U.S. economy, sending shares down more than 3 percent.

    Citing a poor management team and a psychotic manager in Information Services would be more accurate. The lie is revealed when you compare FDX's stock price to UPS' stock price over the last 7 years. "Slowing economic conditions"? BULL!

    MIKE MUST GO. The 100 year old Casey philosophy must be modernized.
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    Wall Street predicted $1.04 a share, which UPS matched, from net income of 1.13 billon, compared to $0.95 a share, from 1.05 billon in previous 4th quarter. UPS Cheif Financial Officer, Scott Davis, announces slowing U.S. economy concerns, with our stock immediantly dropping three per cent. Fedex, in same economy we operate, was worth $109.21 a share as I type this with UPS at $70.83. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?:mad:
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    Meeting the Street's expectations is NEVER good enough. In order to rise, you have to beat the Street AND by a substantial amount.

    Reversely, if you beat the street by a huge amount, then doesn't that mean your bookkeeping and your predictions were really out of whack?

    Crazy ! :tongue_sm
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    So glad I dumped this loser last year, since then made 26% on that money!!!!
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    UPS has a P/E of 19 and FEDEX has a P/E of 17. This stock is doing fine.
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    5 to 6 years ago the stock price was around $50 per share, I'm sure we would all love to see more, but I don't see a nearly 25% increase as sitting in one spot.
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    That fifty dollar mark was after it had climbed to around 70 at the IPO; it has merely found it's way back to the level it was when we went public.

    FEDEX FAN monte carlo 11 and 12

    Operating margins is something that continues to plague UPS's results. Many analyst who follow UPS are writing in there articles that UPS has continued to try to protect market share rather than profitability. Fedex has been able to increase revenues and package volume like UPS, but unlike Brown, has also been able to improve margins each quarter.