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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by moreluck, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Terrible news to hear. Prayers to the families.

    On a side note that was almost unreadable. How many times can they say big rig in an article?
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    So you think its appropriate to participate in jokes where fellow truck drivers involved in an accident lost life?
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    Completely horrible. My thoughts and condolences to everyone involved.
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    If your not from Alabama Mississippi or Arkansas the over under should be two.

    Sure we can make fun. I'm making fun of the article writer not the driver.
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    We had some heavy downpours on & off yesterday. The CA. drivers on the freeways act like it's a foot of snow. I've never understood their trepidation when drivingin the rain. They talk about oil buildup on the roadways when you don't have rain for months.....slippery happens. It's not at all like driving in Ohio snow.....totally different animal.
    I think the rain had something to do with these wrecks. (IMO)
  9. The Other Side

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    This wasnt a UPS FEEDER truck. It was a UPS Freight truck/Overnight.

    He wasnt involved in the initial crash, and merely came into it after it happened and missed most of the wrecked vehicles.

    It was not operated by our feeder network in so cal.

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    I think like you more. I'm originally from the midwest so I do know what it's like to drive with snow, ice and real dangerous conditions. With that being said, So. Cal drivers hardly ever encounter anything other than sun, so even the slight bit of rain really does make things screwy. Most don't know how to drive out of a skid or what to do when hydroplaning, so yes rain here is dangerous. Most of the streets & freeways in the Los Angeles area were not built with rain in mind, so they flood easily.

    I love the rain, mostly because I hate having one season here. But, I hate when it rains, because people panic and the roads because a war zone.
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    There are always more wrecks when it rains here. You either get the guy who drives half the speed limit, or the guy that travels at warp speed, both are dangerous.
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    So there wasn't wreck and he didn't crash because he didn't start it . I just imagined it and one of the trucks didn't say UPS on it. Who cares if its' a feeder or not, it's still UPS.
    Do you ever read the non-sensical stuff you write. If the UPS driver died, he wouldn't be a UPS brother to you either!!
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    RIP to our UPS Freight and Teamster Brother.
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    The Other Side is a girl ????
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    , Jane. What an ass!
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    Transgender individual is the preferred nomenclature.
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    I dub TOS....Tuck Everlasting!!
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