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  1. hshi

    hshi New Member

    Does anyone know how / where I can find information regarding UPS's Air Group?
    I am looking for information regarding aircraft maintenance (AMT) employment in SDF (Louisville, KY).
    The regular career listing site for UPS does not seem to address this group.
    I would at least like to get my resume to a aircraft maintenance supervisor or manager for consideration.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Lue C Fur

    Lue C Fur Evil member

    I think you have to go thru this site to submit a resume:

    As far as working for UPS as a acft mech...good luck. We are in contract talks for the last 3 years with a looming strike. UPS has laid off 150 with rumors of more in the future. Maybe if we get a contract things will get better so i cant hurt to sumbit a resume.

    Good luck.
  3. airbusfxr

    airbusfxr New Member

    We have laid off 10% of the mechanics. SWA and FDX are both hiring, we had 3 sups from SDF move to SWA, they are very happy.
  4. hshi

    hshi New Member

    Hello & Thanks for the link Lue C Fur,

    However, I have been there weekly sometimes daily for the past 2 years and when searching for aircraft maintenance positions, this is all I ever get...

    "There are no matches to your search at this time.

    Since we are in the continual process of postings hundreds of jobs to the database, you can either search again with a different set of criteria".
  5. hshi

    hshi New Member

    I checked the websites for FedEx and SWA, neither are hiring for aircraft maintenance at the present time.