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    The constitution is way outdated,the only thing you are protecting yourself from is other people with guns.I`m not surprised I`d get a negative response from this.I`m just saying that if you didnt have a gun,and nobody else did,you wouldnt have to worry about your right to bear arms.
    The constitution was written a long time a go.
    Have gun,will travel,is not a popular tv show anymore.And furthermore,the guns getting into this country should be stopped at your side of the border,not ours.Wheres the security?
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    Suzie sweetie, if you post, post what you know. The gun shown is a sniper rifle. You did not "I saw them used for 'ethnic cleansing' in Bosnia." as you claim.

    It was, from what I understand, the weapon that was used for the worlds record removal of a terrorist that we had a hard time getting to. From what I heard one of our marines took him out at a bit over 5000 yards. One shot. Talk about nerves of steel and a steady hand.

    Anyway, while on the subject, white power offends me like black power. Any one that segregates themselves on the lines of race I really dont have any respect for. Just my opinion.


    Since you are the resident expert on death rates in the USA, Canada and England, please tell us what they are. And remember, if you include guns, also include other weapons like knives etc. Murder is murder, regardless of what is used to commit the crime.

    As for gun crimes committed in this country, anyone want to take a guess how many law abiding citizens commit the first crime using a gun VS the criminal for whom owning a gun is crime in the first place?

    "A 4 year old kid was shot 3 times in a drive by"

    Really? Hit three times? They must not have been driving very fast for that to happen. Or maybe if you dig further it was a "getting even" crime for something the father or mother did?

    Sorry, as an imigrant to this country from Germany, and from what I have gleaned from history of not only how the Ww2 was won so quickly by the Nazis, but lost by the frenchie.
    First thing the Germans did after they overran an area was to pay a visit to the court house where all the good law abiding French had registered all the guns, went to the house, demanded all the guns on record or the family would be shot one at a time, the house ransacked and then burned. Happened hundreds of thousands of times during the war.

    I am also sick and tired of all the criminals having all the rights and law abiding people having none. My wifes uncle and aunt were shot several times in their own home, and only by the grace of God survived. And the creep that shot them was out on the street before they got out of the hospital. And I, as a delivery person for UPS could have been fired for saying what I felt while delivering to him on my route. funny thing too, none of the people knew what he had done, after all he has rights to privacy, or so the courts ruled.

    So sorry, any one that can legally own a gun should be allowed to carry one. That being said, there are places that a gun would be out of place and some places that a gun would be a pain in the tush to carry, and a UPS delivery person is one of the jobs. I can barely stand carrying a cell phone, so a 9mm would be out of the question. But now in my car..........

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    We dont decide who enters Canada your government handles that. Why arent your border folks stopping the arms smugglers?

    Funny how the first argument is to ban firearms. GOD forbid we hold criminals accountable for their actions. Banning firearms does nothing but leave the law abiding citizen defenseless.

    Constitution outdated? Nope, its been working just fine. The only problem we have is too many judges and politicians dont know how to read.
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    CBS News? Now theres a pro firearm organization !
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    CBS, being a major news outlet, is hardly pro or anti anything. They report, you decide...or is that someone else?

    The gun in question is a 50 caliber sniper rifle than is accurate to nearly 2 kilometers.
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    "..and regulate guns to police officers,security,and registered hunters or members of a gun club."

    Or.. How 'bout we just make it illegal for criminals to have guns? Oh wait, it already is...

    Did you ever think that if the government made it illegal to own guns, ONLY THE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WOULD BE DIS-ARMED??? Criminals wouldn't hand in their guns. (thats why they're criminals)
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    The gun in question is a 50 caliber sniper rifle than is accurate to nearly 2 kilometers.

    .and the 2nd amendment gives me the right to own one.
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    susiedriver, and you believe that what CBS relayed as being true? that they are worried that terrorists might get their hands on some of these? OH God, I can not stop laughing.

    Terrorists have rocket launchers and mortars. With these they can kill more people from further away than you could ever with that rifle. They even have those little.....Ahm ....Whatchamacallits, those little dirty bombs. Hell with those who needs those little ole 50cal popguns. you can wipe out whole sections of towns and cities with a suitcase. And you can hide a suitcase really well also, try hiding that popgun under your tank top.

    So cut me some slack, will ya. Post something intellegent, PLEASE!

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    Please see the second CBS link above your last post. The gun was used in Kosovo, call racism what you want.

    It shocks me that no one is offended by this thread, and the blatant racist avatar.
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    "CBS, being a major news outlet, is hardly pro or anti anything."

    WHAT???? Major news outlets are pro and anti EVERYTHING! There is no longer such thing as un-biased reporting.
    Major news outlets are notoriously anti-gun.
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    we dont decide who enters canada...the beloved citizens of the USA with ouzies and the right to bear armscan pretend to be american can be pretty sneaky.The guards figger,one less loser...They probobly just think ,hey lets get rid of these losers..ok let em through...them unlimited access to everything you need to be a terrorist.The Canadian customs officials trust your guards and let them in.
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    I posted about the racist organization, Not for me
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    The Canadian customs officials trust your guards and let them in.

    Again, thats a Canadian problem. Sounds like someone isnt doing his or her job, on your side of the border. Shoot, they even let me in one time, nice place.
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    danny, yep them dirty bombs are going off all over, pesky things. Them and the wmd's. Not to mention the commercial planes being knocked out of the sky daily by all those stingers floating around.

    And suitcase bombs, I coulda bought one at the Iraqi fleamarket in Dearborn, cheap too!

    You don't seem to get it.

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    "I saw them used for 'ethnic cleansing' in Bosnia."

    Do you even know what that phrase means? It would seem to me that you do not. Otherwise you would know that to commit ethnic cleansing you would want the ability to kill lots of one group of people in large numbers. Kinda like the death camps during WW2. These guns are used to kill one person at a time from long ranges.

    IT would sound by your posts that you are only mouthing things that you have heard others say, and have no real knowledge of which you speak. After all you did state "I saw them used". REally, when and where did you see them used for ethnic cleansing?

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    "Iraqi fleamarket in Dearborn"

    I find that statement to be racist and I am offended by it. Please retract it now!

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    And suitcase bombs, I coulda bought one at the Iraqi fleamarket in Dearborn, cheap too!

    Suitcase bombs/roadside bombs are being used to kill our guys at a steady rate in Iraq. Now I do find this thread offensive. Get a Life Susie.
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    ...shes an idiot...tune her out