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    I was reading a post by Dracula in another thread, stating along the lines of : sense of urgency regarding mgmt and correcting pay discrepancies. MGMT has the authority to short people hours one week, and add them the next week as a "adjustment", to make their numbers look good/better, for the day-week ending in question.

    While working FT from 1996-2001 in a warehouse, while attending college, not ONE TIME did this PRIVATELY owned company deliver me (pun intended) a single payroll /time error.

    How is it that UPS hand me dozens (probably 30-50) in my eleven years?

    And the union helped? The one grievance I filed for missing pay (never paid, adjusted) was thrown away).

    It's a great point - UPS sense of urgency is one-way.
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    23 years in and 1 payroll discrepancy which was resolved by a grievance.

    I do not keep track of my hours to the minute and am not that concerned about a click here or a click there. The payroll error was receiving my vacation pay for a properly scheduled vacation after I came back from vacation.
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    Do you want a cookie?
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    In 28 years working here, especially when I was part-time, I've had so many payroll errors that long ago I lost count. I used to get green checks delivered to me on Saturday mornings for screw ups on my Thursday night check errors.

    When I was in package car, my wife was my helper four or five different years. One of those years, my management team screwed up her check. By screwing up her check, I mean they didn't have her check for two consecutive weeks. I forgave them the first week, but that second week, on Thursday night, her check wasn't there. I got :censored2:, and told my center manager that I needed that check in the AM. Come Friday morning, when that check wasn't there, I blew my stack. In our check-in room that day, our building manager was bs'ing with my center manager. When I found out the check wasn't there, I charged into the check-in area, and screamed--and I do mean screamed--at my center manager, "Who the F*** is in charge of this center?!!"

    Well, as you might imagine, I did myself no favors that day, and every chance my center manager got to put the screws to me, he did. My steward told me that our center manager told him he had never been so embarrassed in front of his drivers. I didn't care, because it was completely unprofessional of my management team to screw up this check. And UPS never screwed up more checks than they did with the helpers.

    And yes, if you've read any of my posts, you'll know I preach how important it is to keep your cool. Obviously, this is a skill I've learned over the years. When I was younger, keeping cool wasn't a strong point of mine. So, so many times, I've been in the back of my package car, swearing that if my dispatcher was in front of me, I'd kill him. But age mellows you, I suppose. Now I'm more tactical.

    Anyway, it is always in your best instance to keep track of your hours. Even if it is just a mistake, you would never know if you didn't keep track.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have a general idea but don't count every click.
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    where do you guys come up with this :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:?

    nobody has this authority as it is ILLEGAL
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    Yeah, violating any section of a legal contract is also a violation of the law, but it never stopped you guys from doing that either, did it?
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    UPS once sent me a revised W-2 next day air after I had already done my taxes. Nothing to explain it, just a W-2 in a NDA letter. After some digging with my center manager it turns out they forgot to include a couple of weeks of disability pay. With a little help from the union UPS payed for submitting an amended tax return.
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    is it sweeping-generalization-wednesday already??
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    Yeah, at PCM today someone got hurt yesterday and apparently we are all on the verge of getting warning letters for methods.
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    Just got my paycheck screwed today. They missed a double-shift and I got shorted $100. It happens way too often. Thanks for a green check I'll be getting it Monday, or else penalty pay.

    Times like these I love my Union.
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    Crap happens all the time and way too much. Heck last year they told me they paid me more than they were supposed to and I had to pay back 950 dollars.
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    This is a problem I'm usually the same way but I just found out two drivers have been getting 3-5 minutes cut almost everyday since our new center manager took over. I'll take a guess they aren't the only 2. I'll be watching like a hawk from now on.
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    Actually under the DOT hours of service you should know to the minute. What if you went over 60 hours? Worked a Saturday and didn't have 34 off to reset, you could get in trouble the following Tues for example being over 60hrs going back 7 days to the previous Tues. Granted this is more likely to happen in feeders.
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    I have had guarantee pay in my last 3 checks---60 hours is not a concern.
  16. Dracula

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    Generally speaking, unless you are feeders, 60 hours won't be a real concern for you. But you are correct, it is the driver's responsibility to know...
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    I am sorry to hear that. They didn't miss it, it was probably put in and the "big boss" denied the pay. You worked for free and their hub/preload/ whatever numbers appear awesome.
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    Every click is important. It may not be important, or worth the hassle for one upser, but one must consider what a click here and a click there adds up when you times that by the amount of employees working for UPS.

    I have had a handful of mistakes, that I caught, all in the favor of UPS. Never once in my favor.

    If I steal 100k worth of merchandise or money by taking low value items over many many stores, people and that any better then taking 100k from one bank? Maybe threw out that day I open boxes and take 1 pack of gum out of one box, several bolts out of another, a head band out of another. Stop at 7-11 and slip a candy bar in my pocket. Grab a few pens off the desk in an office. Maybe a text book from a school for my child. Snag a few bucks off of the desk of a customer who has their lunch money sitting.

    I believe every click is important. It demonstrates whether my management team is honest. Yes, I understand that mistakes can happen. But if the pattern shows that employees are regularly getting shorted by a few clicks, then it is clear that they are stealing.
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    My current on-car was my former center manager. He was caught stealing clicks. Went to manager's panel. Now, is my on-car. I think they deem his punishment as the year he had to drive to Syracuse, before they transferred him back to our center. And, the current center manager and he hated each other. Funny, now they are drinking buds.