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    The aircraft maintenace layoff is the start of something big. The stock is at 49 bucks and it will go lower. Nov 99 it was 77 bucks and the economy was booming, but less than 10 years later it is in the tank. The stock will go lower and employees will be let go in high numbers. The majority of the stock is owned by managers so outside investors are dumping because of high wages for managers (grade 20's). Until the company can control cost at the top, we at the bottom, will continue to lose our jobs. The company needs to cut I.E., L.P., Eng Dept., P.E., etc etc to make room for drivers so we can be competative with FDX. FDX is not "top heavy" and they will survivie the downturn in the economy.
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    Fedex not top heavy? youve said some of the most ignorant things ive read EVER
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    You must not have read his other posts. Really quite amusing.
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    I don't know how long you have been with UPS, but the company has been consolidating districts and regions since the 90's, which in turn, eliminates needs for region and district staff level positions.

    At one time there were 61 districts and 11 regions in the US. A new round of district consolidations were just announced. Air sort and air ramp closings have been impacted as well. It's all about the economy and volume.

    If the volume is not there, neither are the planes, feeders or package cars, and hub, preload and local sorts. Now if the equipment is not being used as in the past, then there is less of a need for mechanics.

    So you think the company should get rid of all support functions, experienced management and keep all hourly employees to do what? Sit around and wait for volume to show up?

    Every financial site I look at UPS is either a buy or hold, not sure who's dumping large numbers of UPS stock that would impact our stock price. The whole market has been tanking for quite a while.
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    Some problems with this post . . .

    November of 1999 was when the company went public. I could find no indication of The $77 that you are referencing after the IPO. The stock peaked just over $69 while publicly traded (granted it did split a couple of times) but did not break $70 until 2004. If you could post some additional facts to back up your claims that'd be great.

    The stock peaked at $87.50 in December of '05.

    In October of 2007, when the stock market was at it's height, UPS was trading at close to $79 a share. It closed today at $48.15 losing 39% of it's value since then, 45% since it hit the high in December of 2005.

    FedEx which you are so praiseworthy of on the other hand has not faired as well.

    In December of 2005, it was just over $100. It hit it's high of $121 in February of 2007 and closed today at $57.90. In October of 2007 when UPS was trading at $79 a share, FedEx was at $108.

    So FedEx is down 46% from October of 2007 versus 39% with UPS, down only 42% from when UPS hit it's high in December of 2005, but it is down 52% from it's own all time high in February of 2007.

    Furthermore . . . UPS has a quarterly dividend that goes up every year. This year it is $.45 a share. The dividend with FedEx . . . $.11 a share.

    UPS has 995.2 Million Shares of stock outstanding (in somebody other than the company's hands). That's valued at today's close price at roughly $48 Billion (with a B). FedEx on the other hand has 311.3 Million shares outstanding valued at roughly $18 Billion based off today's close price.

    So, If you like FedEx so much, why don't you go work there? You may still have a job, but you will be taking at least a 5% pay-cut. You will also find that they are just as top heavy, if not more now with the recent consolidations of Regions and Districts, than Big Brown considering the size of the companies.

    UPS employs over 425K employees worldwide, FedEx on the other hand, a little over 252K employees.

    Also, as for your claim that the majority of the stock is owned by managers, over 65% of the company stock is owned by institutional investors including investment banks and mutual funds. I'd be more than happy to provide a list including how much each fund owns of the company stock as this is public knowledge and reported by the SEC.
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    In my neck of the woods, we would say BrownSuit just took airbusfxr to school. Is class over?
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    :congrats: to Brownsuit and Channahon.
    Nice butt kicking. lmao.
    It's always good to have your facts straight before you start spouting off.
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    Nice BrownSuit took him out quicker than an ALI rope a dope beating!!!
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    I would thought being from Boston you would have referenced Marvin Hagler, pound for pound one of the toughest SOBs ever in boxing.
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    I sincerely hope Airbusfxr is better at his job than he is at reading the stock market. That, Brown Suit and Channahon, was funny.
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    Dude....Are you frigging high!!!! I find it funny that a aircraft mech that makes $45 plus an hour that sleeps, surfs the internet,watches tv in his truck waiting for the aircraft to come in is at the bottom of anything. If you hate it here so bad go to another airline and try to make what you do here there. If you are this much of a nut in real life you shouldn't be allowed to build airplane models let alone work on airplanes. If you want to feel sorry for somebody feel sorry for the poor ramp workers who are outside on loaders and tugs or belt loaders with no heat....Get a life man!!!!
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    yes he was, I evan saw him in the Gahden back in 80 or 81 but Ali was the greatest.

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    Not going to check all your numbers, I lived it, don't care now. But one correction right off the bat my friend.....Day one close was $76 7/8(UPS)....that was before the decimal system if you can remember. Fedex was chump change per share back then.....around $ if you go from November '99 'till's not even a contest....they're up around 45% and we're down around 37%. November '99 'till now. Just the facts. I love what UPS does for me, provides much for me, but our stock was a horrible investment even before this economic downturn. I was lucky to be in before it hit the street, because those guys got killed unless they got out on that spurt up to the mid-upper 80's for that very short time. You got it right on the dividend though, comes close to covering inflation over the long haul.

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    Wow. This thread choked to death.
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    The same could be said for a fireman, the difference is the $45/hr. Sign your name at the bottom of a logpage stating that the aircraft is airworthy and its not, guess who UPS and the FAA comes after. At the out stations we do the work and sign our name to it. No other occupation does that. Don't be angry about the money, there is a little more to it than slinging a box on the belt.

    Think about this, how long would it take me to learn your job, and how long would it take you to learn mine.
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    UPS stock did trade intraday at 76.35 on nov. 11th 1999

    * The publically traded stock has never split

    <<<UPS has 995.2 Million Shares of stock outstanding (in somebody other than the company's hands). >>>
    those are total shares incl. company. float is 982M

    Not trying to be a jerk, you were basically right.
    I'm staying with UPS.
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    Thanks for the help. I, along with many Pilots and Mechanics were hypo'd to the max in "97.This means I used my own money to invest in a company that I worked my :censored2: off for. What did UPS close at today? What did I buy it at after the strike? I have been at UPS all my life and people like myself and others on this board try everyday to make "it happen". I have not had a raise since 2005 and Grade 20's have been raking 200% every year while I sign off on 747's, loaded full, headed overseas to bring in the money.
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    Read the news, no raises this year...theyre probably going to end up cutting out the bonuses and trimming the MIP this year.
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    76.35 what?