UPS Auto info.? PT/FT Auto Mech pay & progression

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  1. Turbo-J

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    Hello...Looking at the part time or full time automotive mechanics...

    what is thee current pay scale based on?? I understand there is a "progression"...

    from what I read they make as much(wages) or close to full time package car drivers??...what is top pay for full time package car drivers anyway???

    Union or non-union?

    whats the difference between part time and full time mechanics? is it just the hours?


    oh and why isnt there an Automotive/Mechanic section in this forum??
  2. JonFrum

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    UPS automotive mechanics are union. Some areas of the Country are Teamsters; other areas are International Association of Machinists (IAM).

    Package Car Drivers earn a Top Rate of about $30.00 per hour after three years. The mechanics earn about the same, but everything varies slightly from one area to another.

    The UPS-Teamster Contracts are available in part here:
    Check the Supplement for your area and look for the Contract Articles dealing with Auto Mechanics, Trailer Repair, and Building Maintenance.

    The mechanics on Browncafe can tell you more, especially if you say what location you will be working at.
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    There is a progression depending on if you are hired to work on trailers or tractors/package car/GSE. If you are hired as a journeyman which is the powered equipment, there is a total of a 2 year progression for the machinists and teamsters as well check with local for exacts as they do differ by geo. If you are hired to be a trailer mechanic you reach max pay faster but the rate is slightly less than a powered mechanic. It is an excellent gig if you can get in. fantastic pay and bennies for both teamster and machinists.
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    Trailer mechanics make about $4 less than a power mechanic in our area (which is less than a porter as well).
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    Big difference in the job. Trailer is not quite as "complex" as powered. Not taking anything away from the trailer guys, trust me, been there, done that! was trailer for a year and then went to tractor. Both will make you earn your money!
  6. iamupser

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    I feel the trailer mechanic should be making more than a porter was my point.

    on 10/1/10
    Full Time Journeyman Mechanic 30.94
    Full Time Gasser/Washer/Porter 28.78
    Full Time Trailer Mechanic 26.31
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