UPS called me today.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by towens9900, Aug 4, 2009.

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    Hi, UPS called me today and asked if i wanted to be a p/t handler from 4-9. I used to work for UPS 3 years ago during peak. Anyway now im working at FEDEX EXPRESS at 12.23 as a p/t handler. Did I mention I havent had a raise since i have been working there which has been for 2 years. Oh yeah, they canceled our 401k and there promotions are slim. Im a college student hmm where do i have a better adv. p/t maybe f/t work?:dissapointed:
  2. UPS what are you thinking ?????
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    "UPS called me today."

    My condolences.
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    Wow no raise in 3 years!!. I don't know about where you work when you were with UPS but in are HUB you start at 8.50 an hour and after 90 days you get a 50c raise. If you learn to sort or pick off you get another Dollar raise. From what I remember you get a 50c raise every year on your hire date. Hope that helps you with your decision.
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    "UPS called today"
    Change your number! j/k
    PT starts out less at UPS.
    Full time work is years away at UPS.
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    Minus the money you pay for benefits. It is about the same. Only difference you've already hit the glass ceiling. Stay in college get you degree and get out, FDX is a short-term job, UPS is a career.
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    No, you get a $1 raise after 90 days. 50 cents after 1 year.
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    i have been working at ups for a little over 2 years and i make $1.00 less then you, im waiting on my 35 cent raise wich would give you a 60-70 cent advantage.
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    hey towens9900:

    If you were to take a job at UPS you would start at 8.50 maybe 9.50 if you're lucky enough to get a 'skilled' position. Depending on what shift you are, you might get 25hours or like me barely 15h a week. Your benefits do not kick in until 1 year of employment, 18months for spouses/kids.

    As far as promotions are concerned and/or FT vs PT, here at the Jacksonville Hub:::3rd or 4th largest by volume, I've been told there is a 5-6year wait to become full time. You get a raise each year of about .70 cents or smth; So after three years of HARD WORK you will make 8.50+1(90days)= 9.50+.70+.70+.70=11.60! (the raises might be .79)

    I would stay at FedEx, after two years you are bound to be promoted, no??!!

    Having said all that, UPS is my choice; I bleed Brown.
  10. UnsurePost

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    About the wages,

    a new hire does not have the same wage progression/raises are someone hired under the 2002 agreement. There are no split wages if you were hired AFTER August 1st, 2008.

    THe new wage progression is

    90 days- $9.50 $10.50 skilled
    1 year - $10 $11
    2 years $10.50 $11.50
    3 years $11 $12
    4 years $11.87 $12.87
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    90 days- $9.50 $10.50 skilled
    1 year - $10 $11
    2 years $10.50 $11.50
    3 years $11 $12
    4 years $11.87 $12.87[/QUOTE]

    Wow 4 Years to be where im at now! Nevermind LOL. It takes years to be full time. Right now im getting over 30hrs as a p/t. Im just gonna tuff it out at FEDEX, UPS seems like a place for long term work. Not just a few years and your out. Maybe I should change my number.:happy-very:
    Oh, yeah there are p/t promotions just not desireable ones to me plus company wide I have low senority.
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    write down all the fedex pickups on your drivers route, then come to UPS. :)

    serisouly, purple is a terrible color.
  13. grgrcr88

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    Except you pay nothing for insurance!!!!
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    Kid, take this job. UPS is not currently calling many people to work for them. It's a great job, that makes it possible to attend classes in the morning or afternoon.
  16. prickle&goo

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    Since you're in college, and presumably young with a low cost of living, I would go with UPS. UPS will be a better fail-safe if you have a hard time finding work after graduation.
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    Thanks for all the input. I have all the bills a 20 something would have. Spit rent with a roommate, car insurance, and miscellaneous college expenses. I have knowledge of air/ramp operations is there a something i could do at ups such as air driver, loading planes or ramp agent( don't know what that would be called at ups)? If so how long would it take to get a position like that?
  18. klein

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    Why don't you just call that center back, that wants you.
    Tell them how much you earn at fedex, and how many hrs.

    And you'll only move if they garantee you a higher paycheck, then what you have now.
    Thats the best bet.
    Since every center operates differently.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    So are you suggesting that they bypass the NMA on his behalf?
  20. klein

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    They may offer some sort of seniorty back, since he has already worked there.
    My previous job, offered me my seniorty back for a whole 10 months after I left, and went to UPS.
    Ofcourse the union would need to agree with it.