UPS doesn't air condition its trucks. This petition aims to change that

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    UPS doesn't air condition its trucks. This petition aims to change that - CNN

    Nurse Theresa Klenk sees plenty of cases of heatstroke at the New Jersey hospital where she works.

    But when her husband, a UPS driver, was admitted with symptoms incurred during a shift driving a brown delivery truck with no air conditioning, she decided to do something.

    Klenk created a petition on in July urging UPS to provide air conditioning in its trucks. It's been signed more than 210,000 times.

    But UPS is not planning to equip its vehicles.
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    CNN, fake news!
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    New Jersey.

    Say no more.
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    I not only signed it. I'm trying to get every customer I know to sign it as well.

    Something just has to be done. UPS can cool down the package compartment some how, some way.

    Believe it or not... it's getting hotter on record every 5-years, breaking records nationwide. This is a serious health problem. If they really care about us getting home to our most important stop. They can figure out a way to get the package compartment area under 100.

    Heat stroke is not a joke. You could pop off 23sph daily yet If you don't hydrate and stay semi cool throughout the months of July, August & September it could be your doom. I honestly believe a few of my co-workers have already got mild heat stroke, they really can't take triple-digits at all anymore. Plus, couple that with diet and age. Recipe for disaster.

    It's time those in the office quit laughing about it and bragging about their A/C and be the good people I know deep down they are. They can recommend to their superiors for A/C in ALL UPS PACKAGE CARS.

    CEO David Abney is a multi-millionaire. UPS corporate is managed with an iron fist. All the employees are really asking is do the right thing here. UPS drivers are screened, trained, educated, monitored & disciplined across the country to make this company money over the long-term for UPS and the employees. UPS drivers are not new hires. Long-Term employees that helped make UPS the Fortune 500 company it is today.

    They can get Air Condtioning in these trucks.

    I know UPS management top to bottom dislikes the Teamsters. I understand that and don't want to look like they're giving in. So I ask UPS don't do it for the hourlies. Do it for the customer. The Live Fish, The chocolate, the medication and all the other product out there that needs stored under 125-degrees. Don't do it for the union, rather do it for the customer.

    Do the right thing here.
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    Fitbit App :) Vote! We all agree everybody should vote

    I'm not against UPS FT Supervisors, Managers & Corporate making large gains in the stock market. Hell, I hope UPS goes to $400 a share for you. Enjoy your wealth I say.... punch pin holes in your stock certificates & make love to them.

    Just give us a little A/C.

    Please. Thank you too.
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    Would you like me to combine threads ?
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    When I started with the old RPS as a contractor in 1994, we had a contractor who wanted to install ac in his step van. RPS wouldn't let him, because they said it would be a liability, as the system could break down, rendering the step van inoperable, and keeping the contractor from delivering packages. They told him he could install an after market cooler, that ran off the van's electrical system only.
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    Why would they need air conditioning? It was 68 degrees and raining in Mn. Yesterday. We need good heaters.
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    Despite the fact that RPS had divested itself of every workplace safety and health related liability known to that line of work the guy still was prohibited from installing a piece of equipment designed for the health comfort productivity and safety of the operator.....but wait....This guy was an "independent contractor" ......and here's the bad part. That total domination, absolute command and control is still very much alive and well at Ground today. And here's the funny part. Those people were obviously too stupid to realize that the everything depends on the alternator and when it gives out as they all do nothing runs for very long.
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    Am I the only inside/inside teamster saying “WTF”? I’m all for the drivers getting a/c. But at least they get some moving air when driving. Try loading a closed in full size trailer at 105 degrees with a thousand 50lb.+ packages and no fan while huffing the absorbent dust they put down for chemical spills. Go for your a/c but where is our CNN report on unsafe conditions?Just putting it out there.
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    I totally agree with you. It's hell on wheels in those boxes in the summer. I was at a Fair Pavilion recently and only 1/3rd of the building was being utilized and they brought these huge fans in that were auto fed with ice, like a swamp cooler and it took off at least 15-20 degrees which was enough.

    You be careful in there. Pour water on your head after you get the flaps up.

    It's going to be hotter than Hades here this week and I scheduled my vacation for next week. :(

    Get this! At the PCM yesterday they did the stay hydrated wellness spiel and then the center manager said, we're having a "pre-cursor" Perfect Service Day this Thursday. Our hottest day of the year. He said no missed, no send agains and for us to drive back and re-attempt any not ins. If we're still unable to make contact with the customer, he said he wants us all to call the center so they can come up 'with a plan' on how to get rid of the package.

    I'm usually quiet at PCM's but blurted out "Are You F'n :censored2:tin' Us!? Have you lost your gawd damn mind!" He said I'll see you after the PCM and in his office with Steward he wrote me up for cursing. Oh
    my gawd.. this guys vocabulary would get him kicked out of the NAVY and he writes me up!

    So pretty crappy week here. :(
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    Can’t make this s**t up!!
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    i don’t think AC is needed but i think we should work shorter days during the summer, balances out with the longer winter hours of peak
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    AC should be put in and used, also when it is dangerous hot outside all drivers in the affected area should have the route pulled down and told by the supervisors to slow down and take frequent breaks.

    The experts say take frequent breaks and drink lots of water.

    What would happen if UPS driver worked safe in hot conditions, the effect would be profits would tick down.
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    I heard on the news today that UPS says the 400,000 signatures for air conditioning their trucks was a waste of time because of the frequent in and out stops would render air conditioning would useless. No way would they even consider it.
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    I unloaded on once to help out. Afterwards I told sup don't ever expect me to do that again lol
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    They are to busy building other facilities and hiring slaves that doesnt asked for concessions.