UPS doesn't air condition its trucks. This petition aims to change that

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    Why not put a few of those little vents we have next to our driver doors in the back? Maybe just a larger scale version of them to get some airflow. They don't necessarily need to come off the roof, but having one under/behind the driver seat, by the passenger door and rear of the vehicle could get some airflow going as we drive. I'm sure there are optimal spots to put them, but the fact remains that there are ways to cool off the trucks without using AC.

    My concern is the temperature of the metal in the cargo area. I shouldn't be burning my arm/hand/leg when I select a package.
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    I like to cook salmon on the 3000 shelf on my lunch break. Don't ruin it for me
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    I get a thought of you cooking it something like the guys that do hibachi. Can you flip a little piece of it into your shirt pocket/diad pouch?
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    Its about time the northern troops start complaining about the cold and wanting better heaters