UPS Driver Charged in DUI Crash

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wkmac, Dec 17, 2010.

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    Space on all four sides especially in front,leave your self an out, when your tanked !!!! What a dope. Guys take off that uniform before you go tie one on> Atlanta will love this !!! Moron !!!
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    I think that was Klein's cousin.
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    I'll bet his boss has a good discussion with the driver.... "like do you wish to have continued employment with UPS?"
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    To add insult to injury, he will probably get disciplined for wearing a jacket with the old logo.
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    This was a heck of a way to start my day today. I was eating breakfast and watching the morning news when this story came on. I don't know the UPS driver, I heard that he works out of the Atlanta Hub off Fulton Industrial Blvd, which is a different building from which I work from. But I have met Eldrin Bell, I have delivered to him at his house. Besides being the Chairman of the County Comissioners, he also used to be the Chief of the Atlanta Police Dept. His son is Justin Guarini, who was the first runnerup on the 2002 debut season of American Idol.
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    Uh oh.
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    We had a driver in our bldg. do the same thing on his way home. The cops threw him in a cell and the first thing he did was head for the urinal. Next thing he heard was someone say,"hello Bill". It was his supe sharing a cell for the same thing.
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    It's sad they charge that guy with a DUI when he was not drunk all because he ran into a government officials car.
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    He was actually charged with DUI-Less Safe, which is what they used to call DWAI (Driving While Abilities Impaired). He was not sloppy drunk but was impaired to the point where he was unable to stop his vehicle in time. It was his bad luck that he hit a government vehicle.
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    I'll bet he doesn't have to finish out peak delivering packages.
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    Yeah, I'm going to do that to get out of Peak!
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    Did you miss where they gave him the breathalyzer test? I suspect he failed if they charged him with DUI.
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    In Jawja, if you register any alcohol and there is reason to ascribe alcohol, or other drugs, as a contributing factor, you can be charged with "DUI-Less Safe" which is what he was charged with ... not DUI.
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    Oh, I didn't realize that. So how do they determine that? Does he just say he drank too much cough syrup.
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    Registers less than the threshold for DUI on a field Sobriety Breath Analyzer test and /or consequent alcohol blood test.
    I've never heard of "DUI-Less Safe" being applied unless there is an accident.
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    It was also his GOOD LUCK that he didn't kill anybody and destroy another family or his own family !!!
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    thats what I got out of too. The guys blood alcohol level was not high enough to charge him with DUI so they manufactored something.
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    its an interesting argument to make I suppose. charge everyone that rear ends someone or hits something with impaired driving.