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    Anybody out there know what the salary is for a local driver out of NJ for UPS Freight. I am in the process of getting hired and am looking to make an informed decision.

    Any info would be appreciated
  2. hondo

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    Here is a link to national master "model" contract.
    Article 26 covers wages, starts on page 32.
    Sections 1c (yard & dock) & 1d (local driving) cover starting, seniority, 12 month, and 24 month rates. 36 months to top rate.
    These should be pretty close to whatever the local union has in their actual agreement.
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    $14.68 per hr. for us to start. PEANUTS!!! for being a driver, loader, dockworker.

    Not for me! I can make alot more than that working almost anywhere.

    Oh, by the way, then I am expected to give away $14.00 per week to the union. Yeah right!
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    Your Right, try roadway things are going just great there: