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    Just recived wonderful news as a Full Time Pkg Car Driver when you get laid off in January... you get to go back to the hub and Displace 2 Junior PT Hub/Preload empolyees and get you 8 Hrs at the Hub rate of pay. Great 29.36 per hour back to 13.75 wonderful Christmas this will be.:happy2:
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    Ahh, but the FT hub/hub rate is top driver rate.
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    We are being told by Ups and the Union that bye accepting the Hum position instead of taking the layoff and getting unemployment and loosing you Heath Benifits they will allow you to displace 2 part time employees and get you hub rate of pay before you became a FT driver and keep your health benifits ect.... Does this sound right
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    What local are you?
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    Local 572 in Carson
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    in the West, we displace 2 inside part timers, or 8 hours, the company can make you work a split shift, with time in between (which we would prefer not to do), however, if your hub is a 24 hour hub (many are in the west) you can bump 2 shifts consecutively.

    This will happen in WLA at every hub.

    The key is for all to grieve any SUP touching ANY packages during this time. This will help get a few guys back on the job.

    Preload, Unload or driving, if sup touches a package, grieve it.

    The more grievance, the more we will get back.