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Put 320lbs on one of the new black carts the other day. The whole back of the cart bent about six inches, getting it off the ground. Pushed it throught about 25ft of 4" deep snow, wrestled it through a steel walk-in door, about 180' of warehouse travel, (because they wouldn't answer at the loading dock.) When I set down the load, the back of the cart again turned to rubber, flexing 6-8inches.

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I saw one of those 4 wheel Magliners that fell off the back of a beer truck leaving a convenience store. By the time I got my old pickup turned around, a guy was loading it into his trunk.


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Sell one of the old black steel ones ,, remember how heavy duty those were !!
I still use mine a dozen times a year and loan it out to friends all the time. I rescued mine from the UPS dumpster. The day we got aluminum ones the center manager threw all the steel ones away. Looking back I wish I would have taken a dozen of them. The steel ones make great refrigerator / washer-dryer movers.