UPS has been testing self-driving tractor-trailers for months between these cities.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by browned out, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Those are the new team runs we've heard so much about. :ninja3:

    104Feeder what's the scoop? Isn't this like a 120 mile run?
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    The sky is falling
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    I did find it humorous that the article says UPS is looking to save money with this technology by cutting Gypsies out during peak. Lmao.
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  6. Mack37

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    I’m telling you, I’d bet money that UPS will be the very first company to implement this technology in large numbers as soon as the bugs are worked out.

    I hope the Teamsters are already planning a response to this.
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  7. 542thruNthru

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  8. 104Feeder

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    We haven't seen any of these tractor trailers in either building so the testing going on is outside of our operation. We just hired two Tucson Feeder drivers last month and more are coming as they are getting an Amazon building and at least one sleeper team.

    That isn't a particularly good test as the drive is very simple and boring except for the areas under construction. It will be 3 lanes each way soon.

    I have seen one TuSimple rig in a Shell travel stop and apparently it found the tractor parking TuChallenging as it was on the four wheeler side annoying the snowbirds.
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  9. Rick Ross

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    I'm sure those are the runs they want to start with. I was surprised how short the distance was, I wonder how long it takes to run it.
  10. Dieselhed

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    I’ve said this from the get go. It’s coming, and soon.
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  11. Wrong

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    I’m not impressed by test runs using a driver behind a wheel and on a straight highway. We already know cars can do that. Implementing self driving package cars that can run a route and deliver is a completely different ball park.
  12. Mack37

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    Very well could be but, that would only eliminate contractors as they're the ones that run the long-distance runs. Plus, USPS isn't really big on spending money on equipment. They are just now replacing all of the box trucks and tractors and the last time they bought those was 2005-6. Trailers haven't really been bought since the late 90's.
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    You don't sayy...
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    They’re all meeting in Palm Springs to work this out over a little golf and asian massages