UPS hiring for the holidays

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    UPS hiring for the holidays - Yahoo

    UPS announced plans on Wednesday to hire 2,450 seasonal employees in the Philadelphia area to help sort and deliver packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  2. hoser

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    2500 employees in Philly

    1500 loaders and unloaders, 91,000 packages a night, that's 60 boxes per employee per sort at peak :confused:1:confused:1:confused:1

    my center moves 30,000 pieces a night, and we staff no more than 20 employees a shift.
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    philly has to move more than 90k packages, i work in a smaller/medium sized hub and we peak out about 125-130k right before xmas for the twi shift
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    I think 130k counts as "consolidated hub".

    We're the hub for our region, and we get 30k normal, 50k peak.
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    hmm maybe my hub is bigger than i thought/was told??

    we have 105 doors total (load and unload) and peak out right about 130k on the twi sort before xmas

    i have been told my hub is on the smaller side of hubs.... (i know its much bigger than centers)

    maybe they were wrong...
  6. hoser

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    Our centre also dubs as a hub. It's such a ridiculously small centre/hub considering the volume that we get. 1 belt, same belt is used for the centre as is for the hub. We can get 3 offload trailers and about 20 pick trailers in there, we can fit 40 pick trailers but with no space to move, we could probably max out at 30 pick trailers.

    So I guess my hub is really freakin' small.
  7. Don't know about the total boxes/packages count, but the Philadelphia hub, (Not Counting the Phila Air Port Hub, which is about the same size) has six boxlines and about 260 trucks working everyday. A quick guess would be about 300 boxes/packages per truck in and out per day. That makes 78,000 total on a normal day. Dec. 18th could be double that, or about 160,000 easy. Extra drivers, extra trucks (rentals), and full trucks (up to 500 boxes/packages in and out per truck). It does say the Philadelphia area, could be both hubs and Willow Grove. But the numbers are wrong. May be 90,000 more packages then on a normal day. That sounds more like it.